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Lesson 4: Write better, faster, stronger emails 🖋

Expert copywriters use these tips to get more conversions.

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Expert copywriters use these tips to get more conversions.

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Good writing is powerful. It can make people laugh 😆 , cry 😭, change how they think 🤔  or feel 😍 , and move them to act 🏃.

And you can do the same within your emails, too. Today, I'm going to share some of my favorite, proven writing formulas and tips that'll help you write meaningful and moving emails.

My most powerful email copywriting tips

  • Be specific. Use exact words. Instead of “large animal,” write “wrinkled, grey elephant.” Create vivid word pictures and engage your audience’s imaginations with figurative language, metaphors or similes, and interesting word choices.
  • Keep sentences short. Short sentences are easier to read quickly. By avoiding complex, long sentences, your audience can skim your emails. For busy subscribers, short sentences can get them to read when otherwise they wouldn’t.
  • Make it scannable. Separate sections of your emails with headlines. Use bullet points. Divide large paragraphs into short paragraphs. Again, this will make it easier for your audience to scan or skim your emails, which may mean they’ll be more likely to read it.
  • Create emotion. Although many people believe logic drives decisions, emotions play an integral role. Develop analogies or ideas that make your audience feel something. One way writers accomplish this is by describing a common problem their target audience faces, and positioning their product or service as the solution to that problem.
  • Overcome objections. There are certain reasons why your subscribers aren’t buying your product or service. To persuade them otherwise, you must address objections they have about purchasing. Common objections could be: it costs too much, it’s too complicated, they don’t understand the value, fear of change or lack of trust. To help subscribers overcome these hurdles, offer reasons that address and weaken any objections in your email content.
  • Do your research. The first step to writing any email is research. You must understand your subscribers (their pain points, objections, desires) to write emails that’ll resonate with them. Get to know your audience by sending a survey, monitoring social media networks, and talking with them. When you have a good understanding of who your audience is, your writing will be a lot more focused and effective.
  • Try copywriting formulas. Copywriting formulas provide you with proven structures that can make writing as simple as an equation like X + 2 = 4. While there are dozens of copywriting formulas, two of my favorites are FAB and AIDA. FAB stands for features, advantages, benefits. First, you explain the feature, then you explain its advantages and then you write about the benefits. AIDA stands for attention, interest, desire, action. First, your copy should grab your subscribers’ attention, then build interest, then create desire and finally, cause action. You can learn more about these copywriting formulas and more formulas here.
Take action! Here’s your homework:

  • Select one of the templates from the What to Write in Your Emails guide that fits your email marketing strategy and goals. (2 minutes)
  • Choose 2 to 3 of the tips listed in the bulleted section above. (1 minute)
  • Apply these tips to your chosen email template, altering the template to include these strategies. (10 minutes)
  • Create a draft email in your email marketing platform and paste this newly written content into it. (5 minutes)
  • Save your draft. (1 minute)
That ends today's lesson! Be on the lookout for my next email, where I’ll talk about one of our most popular topics: how often to send emails.
Liz W. Content Marketing Specialist
P.S. Ready to try these copywriting tips? Get a 30-day, free trial of AWeber.
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