This could be why your blood pressure medicine isn’t working

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Why do some people with high blood pressure not respond well to medication? It’s a mystery that’s...
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June 27, 2022

Being plagued by restless legs can make a good night’s sleep more than difficult. For far too long, RLS has been a miserable and poorly understood condition. But a link between a common vitamin deficiency and a neurotransmitter that may kick off the RLS cycle is stacking up... More »

Scientists discover "Mother Natures" secret that boosts circulation while making blood vessels soft and flexible again. Heal your arteries with these 4 Blood Flow Boosters... More »

About 20 percent of people with high blood pressure are resistant to treatment, leaving them vulnerable to heart attack and stroke, Researchers have been trying to get to the bottom of why medications don't work well for these patients. And they've found a surprising reason… More »

If you take prescription blood pressure medication, you may know these drugs don’t come without risks, this time from a surprising source: If you’re used to popping ibuprofen for pain you need to know it’s a dangerous mix with certain classes of blood pressure drugs. More »

Plastic surgeon reveals 1 simple method to snap back aging skin that you can do in your own home. More »

Alcohol has a reputation as a double-edged sword. But when it comes to health, not all alcoholic drinks are created equal. Research is teasing out some of those differences and one, in particular, may be why, depending on your poison, alcohol has both benefits and risks… More »


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