This vitamin gets sucked from your body when you soak up the sun

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Your skin needs sunlight to make vitamin D. But a study in Australia shows that if you get a lot...
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July 05, 2022

Like most berries, cranberries are bursting with health-boosting micronutrients which give berries their red, blue, or purple color. But it’s their potential impact on the brain and vascular health that has experts giving the tiny berry a closer look… More »

Scientists have finally cracked the code…now you can have the same strong arteries, powerful circulation and regular, boring blood pressure as the French. Learn their secret to adding years of healthy living to your life... More »

You may have heard the expression “that’s a problem for future me.” You may have even said it yourself. But when it comes to health, that can be dangerous. In fact, recent research shows that certain health decisions you make in your younger years can elevate your Alzheimer’s risk later in life… More »

If you’re looking for something to turn your metabolism around, think aloe vera. The thought may conjure up memories of slathering it on sunburns, and while it's true it's great for your skin, it’s also considered a ‘functional food’ — meaning it provides health benefits, particularly for metabolic syndrome. More »

When sailors painting military ships were contaminated with lethal levels of lead, the U.S. Navy relied on a newly discovered remedy to quickly eliminate deadly toxins from their bloodstream. Little did they know, that 23-cent nutrient would lead to the biggest heart breakthrough of the century... . More »

Sensibly soaking up the sun is a good way to boost your vitamin D. But research shows that while you're soaking up the sun, the sun is soaking up your stores of another very important vitamin — one that can help your body fend off some pretty nasty illnesses and chronic conditions... More »


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