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Digestion, Weight, Fatigue All Linked To 1 "Metabolic" Issue (Do This)

Email sent: May 21, 2020 7:26pm

Is this your brand on Milled? You can claim it.

We’ve been told for years now that sugar is the cause of all our problems.

Weight gain. Digestive problems. Sluggishness. Insulin resistance and disease… More and more health experts put the blame on too much sugar in the diet for all these health issues, and more.

However, according to Dr. Steven Gundry — a world-renowned heart surgeon — eliminating sugar isn’t the answer to feeling good again.

"About 75% of the food we eat has sugar added to it," says Dr. Gundry. “It’s unrealistic to ask people to stop eating sugar."

Instead, he says he’s discovered a way to fight back against the negative effects too much sugar has on the body - without having to stop eating it.

Consistent overconsumption of sugar can cause a harmful condition known as "metabolic slowdown." Warning signs include unwanted belly flab, "brain fog", slower metabolism, tiredness, constipation, and even difficulty concentrating. Metabolic slowdown currently affects tens of millions of Americans.

Dr. Gundry explains, "Metabolic slowdown usually develops over a matter of years, and sometimes even decades. But the damage caused by sugar-laden foods is not normal."

The good news is, this problem can be easily fixed from your own home, with a method Dr. Gundry has developed himself. "It's very simple. My technique is a way to help your body better process the sugar you eat, so that it’s being used as energy - not stored as fat," he says.

By employing this relatively basic process, Dr. Gundry has seen thousands of people make swift recoveries. (In fact, he even lost 70lbs himself!)

People are also reporting dramatically improved digestion, more energy, and feeling healthier than they have in years.

Now, after years of research, Dr. Gundry has decided to release a free informative video to the public showcasing exactly how his Metabolic Slowdown solution works- without changing your diet, and enjoying the foods you love to eat, guilt-free.

"My mission is to help everyday Americans achieve good health," he explains. "So, if this video can help people achieve that, I'll be thrilled."

The video has since gone viral, first being shared by users on various social media platforms, then being featured on news sites like ABC and CBS.

Click here to watch the presentation:

Watch The Video

Dr. Gundry also serves as the personal physician to many A-list celebrities.

Most notable of which include legendary self-help guru Tony Robbins, Oscar award winning actor Alan Arkin, Grammy award winning singer Usher, and countless fortune 500 executives.

Now, there is one thing Dr. Gundry asks from his viewers: "If watching this helps you take control of your weight back, fight unwanted cravings, increase your energy, ease gas and bloating, or find relief from stiff, achy joints," Dr. Gundry says... "Then please share this video with your friends and loved ones. Together, we can help as many people avoid these health issues as possible."

Click here to watch the presentation

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