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October Events, Specials and New Stuff! 😀

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New Stuff, Halloween and News from Bayside!
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Spring time and Daylight savings is here!

With more daylight hours, what better time to get on your skates or scooters after school or work and make the most of some lovely Spring evenings.

Check out the Halloween event coming up here in Melbourne run by the Melbourne Freeride Inline and Quads social group. It's always a fun event and everyone is welcome!

Also we have some great Back To School scooters! 

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New Rollerblade Twister 2020 Range is Here!
The 3WD and 80mm range from Rollerblade has landed. The Twisters are a super sturdy, supportive mid range choice for recreational and urban skating. 
Check out the new skates by clicking this link.
Halloween Freeride Skate

Everyone is invited to join the Freeriders in the city on Wed Oct 30th for their annual Halloween skate. Meet at 7pm for games and photos, then head off on the regular skate at 8.15pm. Check out the Melbourne Freeride Inline and Quads Facebook page for details!

Cuong's Skate Gear List

Cuong has had over 20 years experience in the skate industry, and has tried out so many skates and wheels we've lost count! He gives a run down of his current skate set-ups in his latest Blog Post. Whether its cruising the parks, or urban city skating, he's got a skate ready to roll.

Click here to read Cuong's Blog

These are AWESOME undercover knee pads...

When it comes to knee gaskets and undercover knee pads there are lots to choose from. These TSG Scout-A knees are a solid choice. Slimline but with decent padding, the straps top and bottom hold these super secure, no slipping!
Check them out on our website here.


Best of both worlds - The new Antik boot!

Many of you can't decide between the ankle height of the Antik, and the fit of the Solaris. Well look no further than the new AR-2 Antik boot. It's as if a Solaris and Antik boot got together and gave birth to this new kid on the block. It looks and feels great. Check it out for yourself in store or online now.

Click here to check out the new boots.

Rainbows for your knees.
The happiest knee pads around. If your knees are happy, and you are happy looking at your knees, then surely this makes you skate happy too! The 187 Slim Knees got dipped in rainbow and released out into the world. These sit between the Fly and the Pro pads. A Pull on knee pad with sturdy straps.
Click here for Happy Knees!

New Speed Plates are here!

The much anticipated Bont Zues plates have finally been released and we have them ready to go in store and online! We are also excited to see the NTS Falcon plate land from Atom which comes in some cool colours. 

Check out the NTS options here.

Halloween City Skate Event

Everyone is invited to join the Freeriders in the city on Wed Oct 30th for their annual Halloween skate. Meet at 7pm for games and photos, then head off on the regular skate at 8.15pm. Check out the Melbourne Freeride Inline and Quads Facebook page for details! All ages, and wheels are encouraged to come along!

NEW Rekd Pro Wrists

Utilising a dual splint design; an ergonomically shaped palm splint to protect against impacts and a non-restrictive top splint to help prevent hyperextension, the REKD Protection Pro Wrist Guards are designed and built for athletes of all abilities. Definitely worth trying these on!
Check them out online here!


The Bont Elemental Wheel
Bont's newest wheel release sits in a really good place in the wheel spectrum as an entry level Speed wheel or a great mid level Recreational wheel.
This sits above the Bont G-series and below the Red Magic......
See the new wheels here.

New Ceramics from Atom

We've recently seen the release of Bont's ceramic bearings, and now we are pleased to see Atom bring our their Bionic version to add to their high level speed range. These come a nice little tin and you also get a little bottle of light lube oil tucked in there too.

Read more on our website here!

Congratulations Dan Doyle!

Last weekend Dan won 4 gold medals for indoor racing at the Vic titles and was also awarded a SAVS outstanding contribution certificate for his on going support to Caribbean Speed Club. You'll find Dan here at the Bayside workshop every Monday as an integral part of our staff team, building and fixing skates and scooters. 

NEW Cado Skinsuits

Two new designs in the Cado Motus Aero skinsuit range are now in store. The Wolfenite and Topaz Aero suits not only look great, their lycra offers perfect muscular compression to assist in decreasing muscular vibrations and fatigue.

Click here to read more.


The newest backpacks from Razors just landed. The popular Humble backpack now comes in a KG colour match, and a nice Black/Mint combo. This is a great backpack if you are looking for something mid sized, and without breaking the bank. The front packet flap holds any size Inline skates. 
Check them out in store or click here to see the options on our website!
Gav joins the DEAD team!
Huge news this month, with Bayside staff member and team skater Gav Drumm being announced on the International Dead Wheels Team! Gav joins David Sizemore, Alex Broskow and Soichiro Kanashima on this all star line up! Congrats from all the crew here at Bayside!

Click here for the Be-Mag feature.
NEW HD Alu Frames by GC
GC have just released their HD frame which is a UFS 4x80mm frame with speed axles. These are available on their own, or in a kit, which includes wheels and bearings.
We also have UHMW side slide plates you can add on these bad boys too.
Read Cuong's HD frame review.
See all the options by clicking here.

NEW Sam Croft USD Aeons

There's a lot of Aeon fans out there, and this new Sam Croft pro model has had a lot of hype. It's a pretty cool matte grey/blue shell and has a flat 60mm set up with decent grind space. If you are looking for something light weight these are a great option. 

Check the Crofts right here!

Reign V3 has landed!
These are the newest edition of the popular Reign Liners. The V3 is a new colour way, and has some added features to keep evolving and improving on the models before. 

Our own Mr Cuong has tried and tested these to see what all the fuss is about and was not disappointed!
Read Cuong's review right here.

Navy is the NEW Black...

How about these new SL's from Razors? The SL Navy has already had some awesome customs posted on social media with the most popular ones being a throw back to the much loved Bambrick model.
These are a great performing boot for where they sit in the price range!
Click here to check out the SL Navy.

NEW Titen Ceramics

If you are into your bearings, then these are worth checking out. You may remember the purple shielded Abec 9's which were quick in the Titen range. They've upped the game with the release of the ceramics. If you want speed get these on your feet.
Read more by clicking here!


Limited Editions are back but not for long!

We've seen these 2 popular colours in the Micro Mini Deluxe scooters before, but in Limited numbers. They're back, but again, not for long! So grab one of the awesome Lavender or Navy Blue Mini Deluxe scooters while you can!
A perfect first scooter for tiny tots. Check them out here on our website. We've also got some cool Helmets to match too.

NEW! Micro Sprite Deluxe

Our most popular folding 2 wheeled scooter, the Micro Sprite, has had an upgrade and released the Deluxe model. These has wider handlebars, and a cool light on the front of the handlebar stem. Suitable for ages 7yrs and up. Ask us about custom coloured griptape too!
Click here to see the Sprite Deluxe.

NEW! Titen Abec 9 scooter bearings. 

If your scooter bearings have slowed down and you want to get that fast and smooth feeling back again, grab a set of these Titen bearings. These will fit nearly all Micro and Globber models and all Stunt Scooters that take a regular 8mm bearing!
See the SURGE scooters here!

Scoot N Pull Straps... What are these?!

Little people with little legs can get tired, so the scoot 'n' pull strap is a simple easy way to help out. Either loop the strap around to make it easy to carry the scooter, or pull along the scooter to assist your little rider! 
Read more on our website by clicking here.

Electric Scooters 

We have added a small range of Electric scooters to our range. These are currently an online only product as we don't have room to carry everything here in store! Check them out on our website. For kids and adults!

Check out the scooters here!

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