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Children on leashes

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Today I saw something that made me mad…

I was out with my daughter…

When I saw a little girl on a leash. 

The father has his daughter tied up like a puppy. 

She wasn’t running wild or in mortal danger. 

It just was just convenient. 

If the child has her own opinion just pull on the leash and she’s back in line. 

After a brief google search, I see that it’s a controversial topic…

But one thing is sure. 

That is HOW they train elephants. 

By tying them to leashes as a baby… so that they would get conditioned to never run away from their owners. 

And it works. 

Once the subconscious anchor is in place you would never even question such a belief. Because it’s SUB-concious. 

It’s buried so deep you just act. 

It makes me wonder how many beliefs like that do walk around with…

Beliefs that no longer serve us (if they ever have). 

Beliefs that we don’t even see. 

One such thing I’ve noticed when talking to some of my friends is I don’t need supplements - I’ll do it all “naturally”. 

It goes something like this…

“I am natty and all the things that happen to me are natural. So therefore they are good. The natural way of things is the best way to live...”

And fair enough...

I can’t argue with SOME of that logic. 

But there’s a fatal flaw in the argument. You see the environment we live in is not natural.  

From the food, you eat to the chemicals in your handsoap…

It’s all affecting you. 

Besides if you want to help your body achieve that next level...

Then there’s nothing wrong with taking creatine, a pre-workout or a Testosterone booster… 

If they help you live a better, healthier life then more power to you. 

Or to put it another way. 

If you know of a way to help your muscles recover faster and get stronger WITHOUT sacrificing your health… then how could there possibly be anything wrong with it... 

Obviously supplements are not the only thing but you get my point, right? 

And speaking of supplements…

As you you know the Black Friday is just around the corner…

If you have been looking at a particular product then I suggest you wait a bit and get it in a few days when open the sale. 

It’s going to be a big one. 

Ciao for now, 

Max “questioning my own beliefs” Madden


Just wrapped up all the emails for the Six Pack Fast Track challenge. 

It’s coming together nicely. 

If you join when it opens you are GUARANTEED to be shredded before Christmas. That’s a personal guarantee. Plus it’s free. 

It will go live either Saturday or Sunday so keep an eye out for the email.

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