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A few days ago two of my friends almost drowned…

We were swimming in the sea. Four people. 

My girlfriend, me, and two friends. While I stayed close to the shore to keep an eye on my girl my friends swam out into the waves…

Little did they know that the currents and wave patterns would turn out to be a death trap. 

What was worse is that I was there… barely 30 meters away. 

But because of the big waves crashing into the nearby cliffs, I can't see or hear them. 

In fact, I wasn’t even aware of their location. They’re good swimmers. 

Besides I was keeping an eye on my girl and… having fun. 

Luckily as they got closer my girl noticed them and I was able to get in there and help pull them out of the water. 

Everyone turned out to be fine… or almost fine. 

What was shocking to me was how different the same situation was to the four of us. 

I was right there but having a happy time. 

It really made me think about choices in life

The things we consciously chose to do. I’m not as strong a swimmer as they are… I was supposed to be out there with them, my girl only joined us at the last moment. 

That could have been my last day. But it wasn't... 

I guess you can look at moments like these as wake-up calls. They let you (or force you) to slow down and take another look at your life. 

Your choices. 

And to kind of bring it back to you...

Remember that you can choose who you want to be. You can choose how you will live your life. 

If you are truly happy then - great. 

And if you’re not… Make a new choice. Your life 'could' end tomorrow... Might as well make it good.

That’s all

Max “mixed feelings about sea swims” Madden


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