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Running on empty

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The other day I had a weird thing happen…

A first for me.

A few days ago the little fuel light came on in my car. 

They’re supposed to signal the last 50 miles. 

It even said so...

I don’t drive much so I let it stay on for 2 days. It even has a little countdown… mine said 38 miles left…

Well it lied. 

I was in my car heading to the gym when the engine stopped.

Dead on at “you have 38 miles left”.  

At first I was a little surprised. “Like what the…”

And then it dawned on me. 

I was out of gas. 

Lucky for me I was literally next to a gas station. And with a few start-stops I managed to get just enough momentum to get to the pump. 

But it could have ended very differently…

As I said it’s a first for me. 

So I learned a good lesson. 

Relying on an outside metric… In my case the little “miles left” countdown is taking a risk. 

I was “outsourcing responsibility”...

I ignored the early warning signals and trusted that the countdown was true. 

But it wasn’t... by a country mile… 

(or 38 country miles to be exact)

And same is happening right now all across America and the world. 

Just not with gas in your car… but gas in your body. 

Testosterone is what fuels us men...  

When it runs low you too get the early “red light”. 

Usually you might feel one of the following:

  • Loss of libido
  • Tiredness
  • Softening mid-section
  • Loss of strength
  • Loss of focus

And yet how many times have you shrugged them off? 

Maybe, like me, you also run a Testosterone blood test and it came back as “normal”. 

Somewhere in the range of 400-600 ng/dl? 

Well that’s the: 

“yeah... you’re low... but you ‘should’ still have SOME miles left”

Just like the “38 miles left” indicator on my car.

It’s a lie. 

Because those levels are very low.

In fact, the whole “normal lab values” scale has been adjusted down. (you can google it - it's not a secret)


Because the testosterone levels keep falling for the entire male population. 

It’s getting worse. Now we lose about 1% per year across the whole scale. Old and young. 

Some blame it on the environment (including me) others on diet or sleep…

It even was a big topic at the last American Urology Convention in June. The medical professionals are freaking out… Trying to find the culprit. 

But the fact is: blame won’t solve it. 

These last few months I’ve been looking at ways to improve my own test levels… Last I checked I had 420 ng/dl. 

Which is beyond sad at 33.

I’m now waiting to see what my latest reading is. 

Either way, I ‘feel’ a lot better since I started my experimentation. 

I find there are 2 things that have really helped me feel energized. 

The first one is - Super Test ® MAXIMUM. 

I’ve been taking it every day and find it helps me stay more focused. 

It’s got some sick ingredients…

Most Test boosters are complete bunk. They all have the same crap inside them… and none of it works. 

Worse yet they have “proprietary blends” in them…

Do you know what that means?

It means they can put in an ineffective micro-dose and not have to tell you that they have done it. 

In the supplement industry, the practice is usually called “dusting”.

And guess what, many companies don’t even add the ingredients they say do... Like none at all! Just sawdust...

And they can do that because the industry is unregulated...


I had to check myself before I go on a rant.


Super Test ® MAXIMUM has good ingredients in it. 

AND you can find actual, promising studies on them. 

Plus you can open the capsule and sip it into water… and taste it...

Why would you do that?

To taste the Shilajit.

This expensive and rare mineral extract is taken from the core of mountains in Himalayas, Nepal. 

And the taste is UNMISTAKABLE. 

Yes, it tastes disgusting… (you’ve been warned) but there is no way to fake it.

That horrible taste is a hallmark of real Shilajit. If you've ever tasted it then you'll know what I'm talking about.

So yeah I believe Super Test ® MAXIMUM is a solid booster. 

Will it change your life? Maybe and maybe not but it’s making a real difference for me and our customers. 

I suggest you try it out and see for yourself. 

Here’s a handy link: Super Test® Maximum 

Max “don’t ignore early warning signs” Madden 

P.S. You might wonder what the second thing is…

And that is - finally breaking into the single-digit-body-fat level. 

It’s scientifically proven that the lower your body fat… the higher your testosterone production. 

(up to a point ofc… Sub 5% for men and 10% for women is no longer healthy) 

Unfortunately when your test is low - losing fat becomes near impossible. I have tried and failed for almost 4 years now. 

My friends think I’m obsessed with my health as I track everything I do in a spreadsheet. Food, exercise… even blood glucose. 

And honestly, I was close to giving up…

Because nothing would shift the fat around my abs without also burning up muscle… and making me feel like crap. 

Until I finally ‘cracked the code’ of fat loss. 

It feels like I’m cheating because change is so fast. You can see it day-to-day. It’s very motivating. 

I’ve put the whole thing in a step-by-step system that anyone (young, old, male or female) can follow to burn fat fast. 

It’s called Six Pack FAST Track. Or 6PFT. 

And right now it’s FREE to everyone on Beast Sports email list. 

You can get it by clicking this link:

At some point I will start charging for it… but right now I’m doing it out of pure inspiration... 

I’ve really put my heart and soul into it… the protocol works. 

As of writing this we only have a few dozen members in the 6PFT challenge and that means - I can give you a bit of personal attention. 

If you were waiting for something like that - then don’t miss this opportunity, it won’t come again. 

Speak soon?


Beast Sports Nutrition

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