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In the world of fitness and health there is a KING of all ‘roids…

It’s not flashy...

Or new…

And best of all it’s free.

I’m talking about sleep of course. 

Sleep is by far the best tool you have for body transformation. 

It also is the first place I look at when working with coaching clients. 

(It’s also the first thing I’d look at for increasing Testosterone)


Do you sleep well?

Do you wake up feeling refreshed and energetic?

If not then this email will give you some very useful advice. 

Plus I’ll bust some common myths (especially around supplements). You may have noticed we don’t sell any for sleep at Beast Sports? That’s because very few do anything at all!

Aight, let’s start with the quickest theory on sleep. 

Sleep is the “opposite” of wakefulness. 

Contrary to a popular belief - sleep ISN’T doing nothing!

Sometimes you see in movies that when air is running out people go to sleep to “conserve resources”. And that’s just bunk. 

When you sleep your body is just as busy doing things as when awake. 

If during the day you exercise - break down muscle fiber. 

Then during the night you repair that muscle - and build it back stronger. 

So no sleep = no muscle. 

It goes way further than that. Sleep regenerates willpower, helps balance blood sugar and clears your brain of toxins. 

(did you know cells in your brain shrink by up to 60% and flush the whole brain with spinal fluid?)

Yeah it’s amazing stuff. 

So how can you sleep better?

1. Avoid all blue light during the last 2-3h before bed. 

You can eliminate all screens OR wear blue blocking glasses. (or do both)

Don’t waste money and get Uvex Skyper from Amazon. They’re cheap AND work better than all of the “snazzy” brands out there because they have to comply to a commercial safety standard…

2. Go to bed at the same time. Every night. Even weekends. 

I know it’s really not exciting… 

Personally I have set my lights to work with Alexa. 

At 8:30 PM she just turns them all off and I feel dumb if I’m not in bed. 

I take Sundays off my ‘kindergarten bedtime’ but often I miss going to bed that early now. 

3. Don’t drink coffee past the first 3-4h since waking. 

I am really bad at this… I stick to the rule… BUT I super load myself with coffee in those first hours. 

Still I sleep fine now. 

4. If you can’t sleep - do not try! 

Seems like odd advice - I know. But hear me out...

You should associate your bed with sleep. Not anxiety. 

That association alone is powerful. 

So whenever you can’t fall asleep - get out of bed. Go sit in another room with your Uvex blue-blocking glasses and read a book. Or do a puzzle. Or do coloring in… 

Or sort LEGO blocks by color… 

As long as it is something BORING. 

And then as soon as you yawn… go try again. Rinse and repeat. 

If you ever went to a sleep therapist he’d charge you a few hundred $$ and give that last piece of advice with a posh name… 

Something like “Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy” which it is. 

So don’t pay him and implement it for free. 


There are only 2 supplements that seem to work for sleep. 

And they are: L-Theanine and Ashwagandha. 

And even then… they don’t work for everybody. 

L-Theanine will reduce caffeine effects (especially jitters) and allow you to sleep despite the caffeine. 

Ashwagandha will help you relax if you can’t sleep because of stress. There's also some research that says they it deepens your sleep.

It's WHY we have our flagship Testosterone booster "Super Test Maximum" loaded with Ashwagandha - because it works. 

All the rest are bunk. Or at least tentative at best. 

Melatonin can work BUT it’s a hormone, and you really need to be careful when taking hormones. It’s the “roid” of sleep and will mess you up overtime... 

Use only in severe cases… or when jet-lagged. 

That’s all, apply the steps above and you will sleep better. 

Max “sexy tips aren’t always effective tips” Madden

P.S. Guys, I have super exciting news…

Six Pack FAST Track… the fat-loss program I’m on and have been talking about is done!

It has taken me a whole lot longer than I expected. It’s my first ever “creation” like that. 

Since the last emails about it, near to 30% of my friends are on the SPFT protocol… And the word about how effective it is is spreading. Soon I’ll have a portfolio of amazing transformation pics.

It’s nuts. I honestly can’t believe it’s finally happening.  

I’ll release it this Saturday maybe Sunday… It’s 100% free - at least the first time I release it so don’t miss it.

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