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This is killing your gains (and health)

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Hola, Max here

From time to time everyone reads stuff they care about...

Personally I love reading about all things human physiology and fitness. 

In a world where everyone is striving to be “normal”...

I am looking for ways to look and feel "great". 

Not just “not-sick” but actually be “well”...

I bet you do too. 

I bet you want to be healthier, stronger and happier than “normal”. It’s why you’ve read this far. 

Well let me tell you that recently I read a book that scared me to the bone. 

It was so impactful that I bought spare copies for my mum, girlfriend and friends. 

I read it cover to cover (maybe 5x) and it changed my life. 

That is a first for me… 

The book is called “Estrogeneration” and it’s by Dr Anthony Jay. 

Long story short we are amid a weird and largely hushed up crisis. 

Please understand… I’m not saying this to scare you, I promise. I’d hate to be fearmongering and am not a fan of the media doing so. 

But sometimes it pays to “be in the know”. 

In essence the plastics, and fossil-fuel chemicals in our food, and water are affecting your biology. 

Trouble is that the effect can take years to fully express itself, but we have ample evidence that the effect is real. No doubt about it. 

The scientists know it... 

The government agencies know it... 

And the manufacturers know it. 

But the chemicals that we use are just so darned cheap! (read: “profitable”)

Every time a scandal breaks out the lobbyist groups sweep in and hush it up. It’s been going on since 50’s… 

No joke. And it’s not even subtle… 

I’ll give you one quick example: 

Put in “Red No 40” or “Red No 3” in Google…

No bad keywords… just the names. 

It’s easy to see why those chemicals should be banned right?

And guess what? 

Based on latest statistics - over 40% of foods in the US stores are said to contain one or the other of the evil red dyes. 

Almost half...

All because it looks better. No other reason. 

And we’ve known about the cancer risks since the 50’s... 

Again, really hate to be breaking news like that. I’ve now thrown out most of my plastic stuff… like water bottles and food tubs. 

I store my meal prep in steel containers, and drink only from glass bottles now. 

But it’s not easy. Not everything comes in the right sizes and shapes.  

Based on the research in the book… and if I had to guess... that’s the reason why my Testosterone is so embarrassingly low at 33. (420ng/dl) 

It’s also the reason why I’m now doing a deep dive on Testosterone research (which I’ll share with you). And how I came across the book in the first place. 


Hope you find it as intriguing a read as I did. 

That’s all for now, 

Max “book worm” Madden


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