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Why Some Seniors are Suddenly Getting Stronger?

Email sent: Nov 9, 2019 9:30 am

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If you feel that once you hit 50 you won't need your muscles, think again and see why more seniors are doing this to build muscles.
Health eTalk with Dr. Victor Marchione, M.D.

Why Some Seniors are Suddenly Getting Stronger?

Muscle loss is a concern for many people over the age of 65.

Your muscles are the key to doing the day-to-day activities that keep you young and independent.

And when your muscles get weak, you slow down because even the simplest of tasks... like getting out of bed... getting dressed... or even walking... can be a horribly painful ordeal.

But if you thought that there's nothing you can do to maintain muscle strength, I'm here to show you there's one thing you can do to get stronger and it has nothing to do with exercise!

Here's the One Thing You Need to Do to Get Stronger. 

Why it's Important to Build Muscles at Any Age

Dear Health eTalk Reader,

I used to lift weights really hard. Heavy weights, light weights, five-to-six days per week for years. I loved it. I got big and strong, and it was basically all I wanted to do with my time. Everyone at the gym knew me and I knew them. These days, however, things aren’t quite the same. Three moderate workouts per week is the new protocol and people don’t even recognize me anymore.

For a little while, I really started to hate it. Maybe you can relate. The exercise just wasn’t as enjoyable. My body was getting smaller and softer, I was getting weaker and losing confidence in my ability to lift. Then I changed my attitude about why I was working out and how I was going to do it, and the enjoyment started to seep back in.

Only about 1/5th of Americans are hitting the national recommended guidelines for aerobics and strength training. Part of the reason is that they just don’t enjoy it because of how it makes them feel physically and mentally. But altering the approach and outlook has the potential to change that.

A recent study in the journal Psychology of Sport and Exercise found that overweight women did not enjoy 15-minute high-intensity interval workouts. These workouts are designed to deliver fast results in the short-term while being essentially unsustainable in the long-term for most people. The women did, however, report enjoying a slow and steady approach to exercise. This approach was met with optimism and excitement about the next workout.

A separate study found that mental engagement and confidence can play a big role. So, when considering an exercise modality, try to avoid picking something you’re not very good at. Instead, opt for something that can re-enforce your confidence. If you don’t like how you look in exercise clothes, for example, hold off on joining a group class. Wait until you’re feeling a bit better about yourself before getting involved.

Understanding what you want out of exercise can help you establish realistic goals and pick something that’s enjoyable. Doing so can help boost adherence, which is the most important component of a strength training program—or any exercise program. And remember, your goals might not be what the used to be. Recognizing and adjusting can help you get back to living a healthier lifestyle.

Yours in Good Health,

Mathew Lecompte
Fitness Contributor

The Nutrients Seniors Need the Most...

It's widely been accepted that as you age, you lose muscle mass. No one has ever questioned it and since I've been practicing medicine, it never really crossed my mind either.

That was until I saw a study that almost made me fall out of my chair.

The study was based on multiple nutrients that were shown to improve and regain muscle strength... especially for those senior citizens who needed it most.

I would like to share this Natural Muscle Building Secret with you here.


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