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Read About Cannaflower™ and Make the Most of Monday with 10% Off

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Read About Cannaflower™ and Make the Most of Monday with 10% Off

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New Brand Name - Same Premium Flower

Berkshire CBD is thrilled to announce that at the end of this month we will be changing our name to Cannaflower™.

As the hemp industry continues to evolve we want to take this opportunity to step out with a name that acknowledges our own evolution in terms of how we think about smokable flower. 

The emergence of new genetics that focus on alternative cannabinoids, and a continued advancement of quality in terms of cultivating those genetics creates a bright horizon. We look to a future where the world embraces not just CBD but all of the amazing therapeutic properties of low-THC cannabis.

We are extremely excited about this rebrand. We want to assure you that we will remain the same committed company that you have come to know and trust. 

As a matter of fact, aside from the name, you may notice that very little is different. Same premium flower, same phenomenal service. Our mission to provide you with the absolute best smokable hemp flower as well as outstanding customer service remains unchanged.

This shift to Cannaflower™ will occur over the next two weeks and will begin with a new website and new packaging. 

Through the month of October, we will be celebrating with giveaways and promos for our loyal customers. Stay tuned for more details.

With this, dive on in and explore our menu!

Today is the last day for our 10% off storewide sale.

Have a great start to your week from Berkshire CBD (Cannaflower™)!

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Explore our newest strains.

Sour Tsunami
Be the envy of every grom and surf perch in the lineup with this fresh new addition to our indoor collection. Great balance and flavor define this anytime flower and it's a go-to for when the body needs a little TLC. A wave of relief to wash away life’s stressors and leave a calm bliss in its wake.

With a great nose and a striking color, this newcomer is a perfect downtime strain that hemp flower enthusiasts simply love. Along with the relaxing qualities of an indica-dominant flower, deep purple hues and notes of citrus and gas set this flower apart. 

Frosted Lime
This lively strain is a great choice if you are looking for something relaxing that still allows you to get things done. As the name suggests, there are strong notes of citrus from the higher levels of Limonene found in this daytime flower. A perfect companion for anyone looking to shed the stress and cruise through the day.

Straight down from the OG Kush lineage, Legendary leans heavily into the relaxing body qualities of a pure indica cannabis while delivering the tranquil mind of a low THC hemp strain. Soothe the mind and relax the body with this indica dominant offering from a truly legendary lineage.

Sour Dog
A charged sativa-dominant variation on two classics. This is a great uplifting strain for anyone looking for a heady burst of energy and inspiration. Perfect for the anytime flower enthusiast that is looking to get things done without missing a beat.

Experience Ultra-Premium Indoor Flower

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Elevate and transform your life’s journeys


Latest strain reviews from our blog.

Hawaiian Haze Review
This hemp strain is Sativa dominant with a higher than average CBD content and received 1st place at the 2020 High Times Hemp Cup. Can’t decide between a daytime or an evening strain? Hawaiian Haze is the perfect choice for those in between moods when you aren’t looking to sink into the sofa, but aren’t planning on running a marathon...


Sour Space Candy
The Sour Space Candy CBD Strain came in 3rd Place at the 2020 High Times Hemp Cup, and has developed a reputation as the ideal ‘social smoke’, both for its fun, candy-infused flavor profile, as well as its effects. Sour Space Candy is a ‘balanced hybrid’, and possesses an equal balance of both Sativa and...


Remedy Review
The Remedy was cultivated by the same breeders that developed the strain Cannatonic: Resin Seeds. Resin Seeds formed the joint venture CBD Crew along with Mr. Nice Seedbank to focus on cultivating medicinal strains. Mr. Nice Seedbank contributed a male Afghan Skunk...



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