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Hi, take a Look at How This Father Built His Son's Dream Bass

Email sent: Jan 9, 2021 8:40pm
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Sometimes, if we're lucky, we help pass down the love of the bass guitar to a younger generation. I'd like to share this letter from a BBG friend and customer who asked Max, one of our techs, for our help on building a bass for his son:
Hi Max,
 I wanted to say thank you for your help in choosing the electronics and pickups. I also wanted to thank you for your insight, knowledge and conversations.
 Attached is a photo of the finished bass I built for my son's graduation. You'll notice one of the knobs is not on the instrument. I waited until he played the instrument, then I added the knob. It was then the bass was truly finished.
 I finished with several soaking coats of teak wood finish followed by wax and gentle buffing. The wood is truly breathtaking. The photo does not translate the warmth and color. One has to see and feel the wood to truly appreciate it. The feel of this instrument is nearly illegal.
 However, it is the electronics that make this instrument come alive. The range of tones and colors are amazing. I never imagined the full tonal range of possibilities.
 When I presented this bass to my son, he was without words and claimed his hands were shaking too much to play.
 He has since calmed down. I hope you enjoy the photo.
 Thank you again,

We are truly honored to help Tom build a dream bass for his son Marco. And we would be honored to help you build your dream rig. You never know who you're going to inspire when you play.

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