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Learn from the brilliant Alan Watts
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“We seldom realize, for example that our most private thoughts and emotions are not actually our own. For we think in terms of languages and images which we did not invent, but which were given to us by our society.”
-Alan Watts

Alan Watts was a well known British philosopher, known for popularizing Zen Buddhism and Eastern philosophy in the West. The author of over 25 books, he played a crucial role in integrating Eastern and Western thought. His work helped people see themselves as an essential interconnected part of the universe, not as a “skin-encapsulated ego."

Although he passed in 1973, Watts' inspiring talks continue to energize the mind while helping to calm fear and anxiety. Enjoy some of our favorites!
Overcoming Opinions – the Ego or the Self
Have you ever run into challenging opinions that are coming from people you thought you respected, and you just couldn’t understand how they could feel that way? While intellectually we may understand that diversity of opinion is to be expected, and even respected, in a democratic society, we may also struggle with feeling attacked or diminished by the politics and perspectives of others. How do we overcome these feelings of alienation and separation while allowing for those perspectives we may find hurtful and still respecting the other person?
Overcoming Opinions – the Ego or the Self
A Philosophy of Interconnection
Enjoy this excerpt from Alan Watts' Four Ways to the Center.
A Philosophy of Interconnection
The Mind
In this video, Alan Watts discusses worry, thinking, and endless chatter of the mind. He advises that we need to stop the endless chatter of our minds in order to be present.
The Mind — Alan Watts
Reality, Art and Illusion
Alan Watts discusses the Indian philosophy of the world as maya — under its multiple meanings as illusion, art, magic, creative power, measure, etc. Various techniques in the arts are used to illustrate the delicate and vibrational character of the material world, and to suggest a new approach to the old philosophy that the universe is "mind" only.
Reality, Art and Illusion
You can also enjoy a video preview of this recording.
Reality, Art and Illusion Video
Even More
Explore and enjoy more of Alan Watts' insight over at WisdomFeed.
Sending you light and wisdom,

-Steve and the folks at BetterListen! / WisdomFeed
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