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Peek inside for mental health tips, a special announcement and more!
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We hope you're doing as well as you can during the continued unprecedented times - whatever they look like for you! We think that one of the most important aspects of that is your mental health and with May having been National Mental Health Awareness Month - we think we ought to shine a spotlight on how you're doing.

Let's be honest - you may be feeling stressed, exhausted, worn thin, over or under-stimulated, lacking patience, not yourself or, more than likely, a combination of all of those emotions - and so much more.

But let's also be clear - you are amazing. If you're receiving this email it's because you're a parent, grandparent, Aunt, Uncle or someone who has children in their lives whom you care for and love deeply. This means that you likely spend most of every waking moment caring for those little humans and you may not spend nearly enough time caring for yourselves.

It's so easy to allow the day to get ahead of you. Juggling deadlines, chores around the house, productivity and caring for your littles - your own self-care and mental wellbeing can very easily become background noise. Every one of us on the BiBADO Team can relate to this! Whether you're working from home on company deadlines or you're working FT for tiny humans (who give unrealistic deadlines and are not nearly as understanding of external stressors as your employer may be) - you are working hard. Always. And you deserve a break! So here are 5 tips on how you can focus on your mental health in simple ways that don't include a long list of supplies or hours of available time.


I think we all know how good comfort eating can feel (and oops - I'm guilty for sometimes going a bit overboard! 🙈) but here are some foods that are great for your mental health:

  • Chocolate (experts believe a bit of dark chocolate can help reduce stress and elevate the mood so what other excuse do you need?!)
  • Carbs (experts believe carbs [the wholesome, complex kind] promote the production of serotonin, a feel-good brain chemical)
  • Fish (responsible for  omega-3s – a key mood-boosting nutrient and one our bodies don’t produce)
  • Coconut, leafy greens and nuts


It's not always possible, and sometimes the day goes by in such a whirlwind that you stay up later as a form of self-care. But when you can, try to go to bed even an hour earlier. Your body and mind will thank you and studies show that we aren't getting enough sleep.


This can look however you want it to. Exercise doesn't mean going to the gym (not that it's an option right now anyway)! It can look like a walk with your family, a 20 minute session in your bedroom with a mat or even an activity video game (one of our team members uses the Nintendo Ring Fit with her family when it's too gloomy for outdoor exercise). Moving your body in whatever way works best for you will release endorphins to calm your nerves and help elevate your mood.


Arguably the most important of them all, reach out to family, friends, co-workers or anyone who can be an empathetic ear. As Maya Angelou said - "there is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside of you." And if it's something too personal to confide in someone else with, keep a journal. It may sound a bit old-school, but just writing those emotions and thoughts down can be more cathartic than you would ever anticipate.

Let it Go (not the song - but you can sing that too 😉)

And we mean this one. Let go of the expectations you have for yourself. Let go of the pressures to be constantly on-the-go, doing activities with your kids, keeping the house tidy, and being the all-knowing, ever-amazing parent that your child sees you as regardless of what you did or didn't do that day. Your child(ren) look up to you and they will follow your lead. By focusing on yourself you're not only showing them that they also need to put themselves first sometimes, but you're modeling a happy, balanced and healthy lifestyle for them in turn. They don't expect you to do so much that you burn out - they just need your love. Sometimes this means more attention than usual; sometimes this means permission to learn on their own. Some days you may feel out of your element and some days you may feel on top. The one thing you should never feel is that you're failing. So if you feel like you have - just remember to take a look around and appreciate all you did accomplish that day, that week, that month. Give yourself credit for it - because it does deserve credit - and let go of the things you didn't have the capacity for. Having time is not the same as having capacity and you're only human so please remember to treat yourselves as such!

Take care of yourselves and in turn your kids will learn to be productive, independant and aware of their own needs as well. You're doing an incredible job with one of the most difficult and rewarding challenges there is - being a parent. And for the kids - just teaching them how to understand, honor and navigate their emotions is key! Here is a great #bibadocommunity post that may help with that as well. 


The #bibadocommunity

As you may know, since quarantine began we have been sharing your ideas for activities, crafts, recipes with minimal ingredients and anything positive that will uplift our community. Thanks to your wonderful creativity, we now have a fantastic bank of resources in the Community section of our website so that you can all share each other's ideas. Last month we shared the top three, as decided by you so this month we thought it only fair to list three more you loved!

Honey Oat Biscuits

These are great if you're running low on flour.. or just need a baking activity that your kids can help with!


DIY Stacking Cups

Sometimes the most loved and remembered toys are the ones we create ourselves!


Rainbow Rice!

A fun and mood-brightening sensory activity for any age


The team here have been working on a special surprise for you because, as you know, you're at the heart of all we do! 

We are very proud to introduce the BiBADO BUDDiES! We will release more details as we finalize them but, for now, here's a sneak peek!

The BiBADO BUDDiES will mean that you can create a Weaning bundle that will save you time and money! This bundle will include products from BiBADO, EasyTots, Piccolo Foods. We truly believe in the value and quality these brands offer and we are so thrilled to partner with them and continue to support what they do for families alike. You'll be able to use your BiBADO Rewards towards these products too - giving you much more choice in how to spend them!

Our intention is to do the same around our other products/inventions as we grow - which will mean additional companies and bundles that we introduce in the future! Stay tuned for more news on how this will work and when it will launch. 

And once again, thank you for the continuous support that you show for BiBADO - we couldn't continue to grow without you!

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