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The Power of Snooker on TV

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The Power of Snooker on TV

Hi there,

I have been utterly terrible this year with sending out regular emails.

If you wait with bated breath only to find yourself disappointed that my pearls of wisdom are missing then I can only apologise. I have simply been trying to get on with other aspects of life and business.

The Power of Snooker on TV

It is probably in no way surprising that when snooker is shown live on TV we see a huge difference in both our website visitors and the number of sales that this generates.

Eurosport coverage has played a huge part in this and has opened up snooker to not only a new audience across the continent but also allowed us to serve customers that at one time we would have not really had access to.

Customers from European nations such as Lithuania, Czech Republic, Estonia, Finland, Norway, Switzerland, Denmark and France have become regular purchasers from our store and I think that without that Eurosport coverage we may never have seen this change.

March Lull

What has also been evident over the years is that we see a big lull in March, whether there is a televised tournament or not we see both traffic and sales from that traffic dip in March. 

I personally have no answer as to why - it is something that just seems to happen.

Maybe people are a bit snooker fatigued? Or maybe the tournaments are not of the kind of quality that draws an audience and then in turn makes people search the internet? 

It could be a myriad of factors, like in the UK March is usually the beginning of spring and also local leagues could be winding down after the winter season.

The Ronnie Factor

Regardless what happens in March, and please don't take it as a complaint from me, it is merely observation that I find interesting (you in turn may not but you can always tell me this by hitting reply), when Ronnie O'Sullivan plays on TV the whole world takes notice. There is more activity on social streams, there is more activity across our website and more people get enthused.

Whether you love him or loath him there is no doubt in my mind that he is the greatest player to have ever graced the table. You could argue that Hendry and Davis could lay claim to that accolade but I think it is the effortless natural ability and aggressive, attacking nature of his game that sets Ronnie apart. If Ronnie turns up in the right frame of mind then invariably Ronnie wins.

He is edging ever closer to 1000 competitive century breaks (he currently sits on 991), what an amazing feat that will be when he reaches it, and I say when because I don't think he will fall short, his talent is too good and I think he has already set his sights on this milestone.

He turns 44 this year and at the moment shows no real signs of decline when other players like Davis and Hendry started to wilt a little bit before this age.

Ronnie still has many titles to come and in his heart maybe wants to surpass Stephen Hendry as the winner of the most World Championships.

Let me know your thoughts.

Kind regards

Pete Williams

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