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Hi there,

There used to be a time when I would send at least one regular piece of (hopefully!) interesting content to your email inbox every week. Weirdly it was always the articles where I gave my opinion on something that seemed to garner the greatest amount of interest.

My regularity in terms of emails has severely dwindled this year as quite often I have felt like I don't have much to say. My involvement with the industry is now purely from a retail perspective, I rarely play anymore and where I am now based means I have very little access to even watch the professional game, whether this be snooker or pool.


When I do dabble on table it is back to my comfort zone, the place where this whole Billiards Boutique thing was born.

Back when the World 9-BallChampionships[link to ourAmerican Pool Cues] were in Cardiff (UK) and were shown live on Sky Sports that is where my love for the game came from.

Growing up I watched a lot of snooker and used to spend hours in front of the TV watching the best players compete in the UK Championships or the World Championships. It brings back loving memories of my Dad, who sadly passed away in 2017, falling asleep while in front of the box only to be woken byrapturous applause from the Crucible crowd. That confused look on his face when he realised it was thesnooker and not some far off dream he was experiencing.

But it wasn't snooker that gave me the desire to play, it was the likes of Earl Strickland, Efren Reyes, Francisco Bustamante and Ralf Souquet that really got my blood flowing, gave me that buzz and that energy that I wanted to try this game and I wanted to be good at it.

The trying part happened!

Where I live now, whilst there is access to snooker tables there is not really a thriving local league or any 'scene' to speak of at all so I just revert to what I want to do and that is play pool.

I have been playing a lot of 8-ball (heck I even went and won a local knockout) as that is what the locals like but when I get chance I still prefer 9-ball, for it's sheer simplicity and speed, and if playing alone I like the challenge of Straight Pool as well - if you haven't tried this game then I urge you to give it a go.

Not for one minute am I suggesting that this return to playing is going to take me anywhere or get me anywhere but what it does offer is some downtime, some time to not really think about anything but the table so in that respect it is relaxing.

Occasionally you meet some cool people too and extending your social network (in the real human sense rather than adding someone on Facebook) is another great opportunity that playing cue sports affords us.

>>> Where did it all start for you, what is your own 'Cue Story'? Reply to this email with your story and perhaps I could publish it for our audience at a later date.

If you need any help with anything in the meantime then please just let me know. I will always do my best to help.

Kind regards

Pete Williams - Owner

Billiards Boutique

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