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How Plants Inspire Mindfulness at Home Office, By Maryah Greene

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Is this your brand on Milled? You can claim it.

“Plants promote productivity,” says Greene
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Welcome to our fourth “Living Greene” newsletter with guest plant expert, Maryah Greene of Greene Piece. Maryah works from her studio in Brooklyn, NY. and is equal parts passionate plant consultant and therapist for the greenery obsessed. In part 4 of “Living Greene” Maryah tells us how to use plants to increase energy and find mindful moments at the office, whether that’s a bedroom or a nook in the living room.


For millions of Americans, our homes have become our offices (and our schools, and our restaurants, and our yoga studios). The first item on that list represents a particularly sticky problem: The line separating our personal lives from our professional ones, once stark, is now blurry — if not indistinct. So how to keep one world from forever interfering with the other?

Part of the job is staying productive — despite the myriad distractions of working out of, say, your bedroom. According to plant stylist Maryah Greene, greenery can play a role. “Plants promote productivity,” says Greene, whose office does double duty as a home to dozens of plants.

Maryah’s Rule: For each electronic thing you have on your desk, add a plant.

That care goes both ways: As your plants energize you, taking a break to care for them — watering them, dusting them, or examining them for damage or discoloration — can serve as a respite from hours spent in front of a screen. “One of the rituals I do when I come into this room is instead of hopping right over to my desk, I’ll take check in on my plants,” she says. “I’ll assess the soil, notice any yellowing or browning spots, and use my plants as an opportunity for a mindfulness moment.”

“It’s proven that having plants in your space, especially where you work, are responsible for the little boost of energy or productivity we feel as we go about our day.”
- Maryah Greene, Greene Piece

Plants’ needs, in fact, can mimic our own: “They can remind us to take a break,” Greene says. “There are times when I’m working from home and become super focused on a task at hand — and then I’ll glance next to me and realize that my plant could use a drink. I use it as motivation to get to my next break, so that I can check in on my plants and water them.”

Create a natural work environment with things like Eric Bonnin’s Bird vase and our Beach Stone vase filled with dried Pepper grass.

If you’re building greenery into your space from scratch, Greene has a useful tip: “I have a personal rule that for each electronic thing I have on my desk, I add a small plant,” she says. “This can get a bit chaotic depending on what business you’re in — but it allows me to keep balance.” If your desk is home to a wifi router, a printer, a lamp, a laptop, a tablet, and a phone charger, consider this an endorsement for bringing home a half-dozen new plants — and installing them in your office.

For more Maryah Greene inspiration visit our story, Get to Know: Plant Whisperer/Therapist, Maryah Greene and follow Maryah’s Instagram @greene.piece and her website



These hand-thrown terra cotta planters are wiped with a soft green wash to mimic the look of a weathered patina. Made in small, medium, large, and inverted (shown), they fit on any desk or shelf.


These hand-thrown terra cotta planters are wiped with a soft green wash to mimic the look of a weathered patina. Made in small, medium, large, and inverted (shown), they fit on any desk or shelf


Though made to fit our Recycled Glass Cloche this carved soapstone base works beautifully as a shallow tray for you to organize your desk. These are handmade by artisans in Agra, India.


Inspired by the geometry of Bauhaus classics, this tall, tapered ceramic pitcher is handmade by craftsmen in New Delhi, India. Use it to display a single stem of greenery or a branch of EcoFaux blooms.


Crafted in Maine, these hand drilled vases are made from stones collected on riverbanks and beaches in coastal New England. Display them as they are or fill with fresh flowers, dried botanicals, and moss.


Handcrafted by artisans in Oregon, this desk-size glass bud vase is ideal for displaying a single specimen or small arrangements of flowers and botanicals, fresh, dried, and EcoFaux.


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