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Blue Ridge Networks' June Newsletter: The Vault

Email sent: Jun 3, 2020 9:30am

June Newsletter: The Vault

Welcome to The Vault.


As the world settles into a new normal and braces for the changes ahead, the cybersecurity industry is seeing an steady cadence of cyberattacks, with no end in sight. The volume and consistency of these attacks has been on the rise throughout this global crisis, in large part due to the increased use of personal devices and un-secure networks to access secure data. The abundance of remote workers has unveiled countless vulnerabilities, which present lucrative and often easy targets for hackers.   


We've seen an encouraging spike in organizations investing in technologies to shore up their defenses and to protect themselves, and their constituents, from the threat posed by cybercriminals. In our conversations with colleagues, customers and partners, we are continuing to stress the importance of a defense-in-depth cybersecurity strategy to provide multi-level protection and the best possible defense against an attack.


We're incredibly proud that our team has been able to act as an advisor and resource for so many in our community during this challenging time, and we will continue to do so as we move forward. If you have any questions about pressing threats, concerns about gaps in your security infrastructure, or comments about what would be most helpful to you during this time, feel free to contact to our team



What to Watch:  

Blue Ridge Networks Announces The New LinkGuard Client


This week we announced the launch of the next generation of LinkGuard™ Client, an easy to use cybersecurity solution that bolsters security for remote access and enables users to extend trusted connectivity to IIoT devices and enterprise networks.


This re-engineered solution offers enhanced protection which mitigates the high risk caused by the newly remote workforce. LinkGuard™ Client allows for the flexibility to work within an isolated virtual environment, regardless of an end user’s physical location. We are proud to release the next generation of this advanced offering at a time when secure remote access is needed most, and we're looking forward to supporting our customers and partners through the unprecedented security challenges we're experiencing as a result of of COVID-19. 


Read more about the new LinkGuard™ Client in our latest press release




Resource of the Month:


Guard Government Services from Ransomware Attacks



Ransomware attacks on government and public sector services are on the rise amid the coronavirus pandemic, inflicting significant damage to state, local and municipal governments. The increase in remote workers and limited resources available to IT teams have presented a profitable opportunity for cybercriminals, and the limitations of detection-based solutions have proven to be an insufficient defense against a growing number of attack vectors. Agencies across the board stand to benefit from employing a zero-trust stance to cybersecurity and stopping attacks before they start. 


Read our whitepaper to learn more about our approach to cybersecurity - emphasizing the importance of prevention over detection; and cost savings and simplicity, over complexity.





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