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Even though lots of things around the world are on pause at the moment, we know that life never stops for a parent! We hope lockdown life is treating you well, and that our blog can still provide plenty of inspiration during these times.

Keep up the good work, super-parent! 
Keeping your health up as a new dad
 As a new dad, fitness plans might be replaced by bottles and bedtime stories, but there are still some things you can work into your daily life. These tips would even work for Mum as well!
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In science news: is there a preferred way to hug your baby?
It appears scientists at Toho University in Tokyo may have found the answer. They got parents to hug their babies using different lengths of time and different amounts of pressure. They also got strangers to hug the babies, and measured the babies’ reactions based on their head movements. They found that the babies preferred hugs from their parents rather than strangers, and that the perfect hug is a medium pressure squeeze for 20 seconds! 🤱
And do our babies know when we copy them?
Interacting with our little ones is super important, right from birth. And we’re all guilty of imitating our babies' silly faces. Scientists from Lund University in Sweden have now found that babies know we’re imitating them from as young as six months old! Judging from the way the babies they looked at reacted to different interactions, they found that the infants recognised when adults imitated them, and even saw the imitators as more friendly. So cute! 👶
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