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In science news: the term 'morning sickness' is misleading
If you've ever been pregnant, you probably know that morning sickness doesn't just happen in the morning. A study has now taken place by the University of Warwick that proves this! They looked at  256 pregnant women and found that sickness was most common between 7am and 1pm, but nausea was experienced throughout they day. We may not have needed a study to tell us this, but it is being used so that the general public, the media and even healthcare professionals will use the term 'nausea and sickness in pregnancy' and not make assumptions about the time of day it happens. 🙌
Can pregnancy exercise give breast milk a boost?
Unless a doctor says otherwise, it's important to stay active during pregnancy with moderate, safe exercise. And a study from Ohio State University has found that it may increase a compound in breast milk that can help reduce a baby's risk of things like diabetes and heart disease. This compound is called 3SL, and it appears to increase with exercise. They also found that it wasn't related to intensity, and that moderate exercise is still beneficial. They're now looking to see if they can take this compound and add it to formula for those who can't breastfeed. 🍼
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