Some ideas for things to do while social distancing 💙

Email sent: Mar 23, 2020 4:14pm
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We hope you're well and able to find some moments to relax in these uncertain times. With news stories coming at us from every angle, it can be easy to get worried but remember to take some time to switch off and focus on yourself and your family.

Whether you're on the front lines, self isolating, volunteering or working from home, we hope you're staying safe and following the latest guidelines. You've got this!
You could swot up on your parenting knowledge
Here's the first in our series which looks at pregnancy by trimester, but for partners! Or check out our blog for more great pregnancy and parenting info.
First trimester
Or even check out non-pandemic focused news

We're still looking at the latest parenting news from around the world, like the fact that our babies are both cute and clever! It's been found that may understand the basics of grammar as early as eight months!

Researchers in Paris tested this by introducing babies to an artificial language. They found that the babies could distinguish function words (like the, she and on) from nouns, verbs and adjectives (like blue and bells). So smart! 

Dads could use this time to get some extra bonding in

Researchers have been looking at the emotional impact dads have on their kids.

It's been found that, in lots of cases, dads play with their children slightly differently to mums and peers, meaning kids are exposed to play that can actually help their brains and vocabulary develop - awesome!

It's hoped this research will lead to more opportunities for dads to interact with their kids, get more leave and to just be there for them in the future.

In Bluebell news: we were featured in The Telegraph!
This article looks at a load of baby tech designed to help with sleep, including our very own Smart baby monitor!
Check it out
And we had a fab review in B Baby mag
"It totally taps into modern parents’ lives, where everything can be seen and monitored with apps." - Nice!
Read it here
You can still order your Smart baby monitor
It can help with detecting changes in baby's temperature, breathing and loads more
Order now
Remember, if you've got any questions about Bluebell, or have any ideas for what you'd like our blog posts to cover, just drop us a message on our website's chat feature.

Stay safe and look out for each other!

Lots of love,
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