The secret to Calm

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Stay Strong, Stay SAFE, Stay Home!

Hi !

Everyone, from your friends and family to impersonal emails in your inbox, is telling you how you can get through this challenging time. But are you still gorging on media, binge watching TV shows, and eating more than you should? Be honest.

The advice isn't working, is it?

Already, you may have been directly affected by COVI-19. You may be on lockdown or you may be social-distancing. Regardless of where you are at in this cycle, you probably have a great deal of fear, alarm and anxiety.

The only advice that will work right now... advice that will tackle your anxiety. You are too distracted to do crafts with your kids. You are too wound up to write in your journal. That is OK. We understand. Everyone here at BodyRock is going through the exact same emotions that you are. We are all looking at other people's Instagram feeds, wondering how we could possibly make a fort with our kids or go outside to garden. The mental space that fear takes up is very large and very real!

Do not fight the urge to do less.

You need to channel that impulse to turn inward. There is a reason you feel that way: this is how your spirit talks to you. It is hard to access that sense of calm and joy and peace, because your connection to your spiritual self is buried under all that anxiety and noise.

Most people think that we "become spiritual," in other words, grounded, calm and happy. We think, "if I just learn how to pray, or meditate, or say 100 mantras, or draw mandalas, or do a bunch of yoga, or..." The impulse to add more to your life is very strong.

This is not the way. You do not need to do more in order to connect to your spiritual self, you need to do less. Change your mentality and discover true progress here.

You need to turn off your ego in order to access the calm, grounded person you already are.

If you do one thing every day to focus on the moment, one thing that allows you to observe your thoughts rather than think your thoughts, you will be able to access that sense of calm in seconds. Turn off the questions and judgements, for just 10 minutes, about what the future might hold, how so and so is doing, whether you are a good parent or not, etc, etc...and you will win.

It doesn't matter what you choose to do.
Here is a list of things to do that will TURN OFF your chatty ego and monkey mind, and allow you to stay in the moment.
  • Go for a walk. Look up and out, not down.
  • Sit in a room and name what you see, (ie. "Blue blanket. White wall. Sun patch.")
  • Read a book.
  • Rake leaves.
  • Weed a garden.
  • Do something kind for no reason.
  • Ask someone how they are doing.
  • Do a workout.
  • Dance in your living room.
If this email reached you and put things into place for you, tell us in the BodyRock INSIDER group. If you have any more practices that work to keep you in the moment, share them!

~ Claire, Your BodyRock Support Worker




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