Don't sabotage your book's success

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Avoid silly mistakes that can hurt your chances for success.
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Good morning, Friend.

“You make your own luck,” claimed legendary author Ernest Hemingway. I wholeheartedly buy into that theory, and not just because “Papa” is one of my all-time favorite authors.

It’s a sentiment I share when I help authors struggling with the challenge of marketing and selling their books. My position is, if you’ve done the work and checked all the boxes—written a great book, sought out professional editing and design, secured wide distribution—you’ve given yourself every opportunity to be discovered by new readers.

That’s not to say that chance and timing won’t play a role in your book’s success or failure. Imagine if you had written, published, and were about to launch a magnificent travel guide in March 2020…just as the world was closing up shop, airplanes were grounded, and hotels shuttered. And, just a few weeks ago, I wrote about how negative reviews are simply a part of life and can’t be avoided at times.

Yet, there are so many ways authors can maximize their opportunities and minimize risk. BookBaby Blog contributor Paul Goat Allen speaks to the latter in “How To Sabotage Your Self-Published Book (in five easy steps),” as he urges authors to avoid silly mistakes that can hurt your chances for success.
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Steven Spatz
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