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How to Build a Pond this Weekend

If you are putting in聽a pond liner this weekend then use our handy guide to make sure you get it right.

You'll Need:

  • Pond liner
  • Pond underlay
  • Soft sand (to cover the bottom of the hole)
  • Edging materials (rocks, sleepers, paving slabs), although you could do this part next weekend!
  • A spade
  • A wheelbarrow
  • A skip (for the stuff you dig out)
  • A willing helper is optional but recommended 聽 聽聽

And of course -聽

Your choice of beverage for during and after the digging!


You already know where you want it right? We'd always advise drawing it out with sand (or a rolled-out hosepipe) on the lawn before you start digging.

Check that it looks good from all聽angles (including an upstairs window if you have one).

Check that you can get around it to trim hedges, paint fences or even wheel the bin out!

Avoid overhanging trees. Dropped leaves and needles will decompose and turn to sludge in the bottom of a pond.

Avoid boggy areas too. As ground water levels go up the liner can lift out of a pond in a boggy patch.

Ponds should have sun about half of the day if possible to help water plants to grow.

Can you bring power to the pond easily?聽This isn't so important if you want a wildlife pond but is needed for most pumps and filters that help keep fish healthy. Solar power is an option for small fountains but not for waterfalls and filters.

See more about location on our blog...


Digging a hole is hard work so enlist some friends if you can do it in stages over a few days.

Cover the lawn or path with planks, an old tarp or old carpet especially on the route you'll use to move the soil.

You might be able to use some of the soil you dig out to make a slope for a waterfall or rockery, or maybe make some raised beds elsewhere in the garden. Skips are expensive!

Make sure the edges of the pond are level using a piece of wood and a spirit level. If one side is lower than the other when you fill it up there'll be pond liner showing on the higher side.

Shelves are great for plants that like different depths.

Putting in the聽Underlay

Cover the bottom of your hole with 1" (2.5cm)聽of soft sand to protect the liner from sharp stones. Cover flat shelves and the sides if they are not too steep.

Put your underlay in. This is usually in sheets or on a roll, it doesn't have to be in one piece, you can just overlap the pieces a bit. Use parcel tape or fixing tape to stop it sliding around.

Putting in the聽Pond Liner

Put the liner in. Take off your shoes and socks and get in (it'll be easier, honest). Depending on the shape of the pond you might need to fold the corners in. It's easier to do this as the pond starts to fill up. Trap the edges loosely under stones at this stage. As it fills with water the liner will settle a bit and you'll need to move the stones in a bit or they'll make the liner too taut.

Once the liner is full, leave it for a couple of days before edging. Take a look at our edging ideas below聽for ways to make this the best you can.

Edging Ideas:

If you have any questions you can always give us a call on 01904 691169 and we'll be happy to help. We also have several blog articles all about putting in a pond too:

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Fountain pumps...

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