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Dear -,

I love that the United States runs on capitalism, a system that allows each person to work and earn for him/herself, to strive for success and attain it..

The U.S. is one of a very few places where you can pave your own way, write your own ticket.

That’s why I’m so driven to help people like you to do just that, and that's also why I’m offering $100 off my “High Performance Selling” program.

The catch: this sale is only good for the next 48 hours.

Get it here. 

This means that for just $197 (which is probably about the same amount you've spent on this one weekend of frivolity!), you’ll learn how you can:

  1. STOP hearing, “I’ll call you back,” and START closing sales faster and more efficiently than ever before
  2. Present your offer as THE best solution for your prospects – so they choose you every time, no matter how your competition undercuts your price
  3. AVOID making mistakes that KILL your sales conversation – by knowing exactly what to say to close the deal
  4. Ditch the old, tired sales techniques (the ones that aren’t working anyway), and trade them in for knowledge that will help you SMASH through your income ceiling and climb the ladder to success
  5. EVOLVE – so you can stop living among the sales cavemen and employ tools that work TODAY, with today’s sophisticated buyers in today’s complicated market

Isn’t it time you created your own fireworks and exploded your income beyond your greatest expectations – just like our forefathers did when they declared independence more than 200 years ago?

If you’re interested in saving $100 off my “High Performance Selling” course, which is guaranteed to dramatically improve your sales results by teaching you precisely how to evolve to survive and thrive in today’s complicated market with today’s sophisticated buyers, then this program is for you.
To receive $100 off this package, use discount code HPS100

Get it here.

Here’s to the freedom to create your own success,

Brian Tracy

P.S. Remember, this sale ends in 48 hours – so if you want to give your sales techniques a shot in the arm, this is the time to do it. Increase your sales today.

P.P.S. You’re making this investment at NO RISK because you’re covered by my 1-year guarantee. You’ve got nothing to lose but the opportunity provided by this great country. Get "High Performance Selling" here.

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