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Are you a salesperson?

The surprising answer and gift inside

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The surprising answer and gift inside

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You may not have considered this before, but did you know that EVERYONE is a salesperson?

Everyone who is effective in any area of life that involves other people is an excellent salesperson of some kind.

Everyone makes his or her living selling something to someone.  Everyone works on commission.  Everything that we get in life is determined by how much value that we contribute to the lives and work of other people.  And the more, and better we sell, the more we make.  The better we sell, the better our life becomes. 

When you become absolutely excellent at selling yourself and your products and services to other people, you will have a wonderful life, full of riches, rewards and respect.

You sell yourself to your friends.  You sell yourself to members of the opposite sex, and to the person you want to marry.  You sell yourself to an employer when you look for a job.  You sell yourself to your co-workers when you seek their cooperation.  You sell yourself to your boss when you want a promotion.  You are selling whenever you attempt to buy anything at a better price than the one they're asking.

In all your interactions with others, from morning to night, you are continually selling, negotiating, persuading and influencing other people.  And if you want to be successful at whatever it is you’re doing, then you may want to learn to sell even better.

This form of selling is the basis of all human relations and it determines how well you do in life.

That’s why, as a gift to my subscribers, I’ve released a new article, "Everyone is a Salesperson: How to close the sales gap and convert prospects into buyers"

Download the article here for FREE. 

In this article, I reveal 3 crucial elements of becoming a great salesperson, no matter what it is you’re selling.

Once you read it, you’ll know:

  • The ONE skill the very best persuaders, communicators, and salespeople excel at – and tips for mastering it so you close more sales, more often
  • The definition of Gap Analysis – and how you can use it to make prospects feel less satisfied with their current situation and more inclined to buy the solution you’re providing
  • Specific questions you can ask prospects to widen the gap between where they are now and where they’ll be once they get their hands on your product or service
  • How to use the theories behind great selling to improve the quality of your entire life

Do you want to be MORE successful in every area of your life? I know I wouldn’t turn down such an opportunity – and I doubt you will, either.

Get this free article here.

To your sales success,

Brian Tracy

P.S. Remember, you’re a salesperson whenever you’re interacting with anyone else – so what have you got to lose by reading this free article – other than the opportunity to become GREAT at working with others? Get the article here.


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