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LED Lighting Kit for LEGO Corner Garage 10264
This custom handmade light kit will make the LEGO Corner Garage come to life! Now your LEGO minifigures can to go to the garage for gas and car repairs and bring animals to the clinic day or night! Custom lights illuminate the inside of the animal clinic and upper level apartment, the exterior of the garage and gas station kiosk, and the tow truck! A white lamp post light is also included to add light to your city!

LED Lighting Kit for LEGO Brick Bank 10251
When you install lights, the bank and laundromat in your LEGO city can stay open extra hours so you can deposit your paycheck and do laundry in the evening! Outside, the arches of the classic bank building will light up, the "Open" sign at the next door laundromat will glow, and the entire interior of the bank and laundromat will be filled with light.
Your LEGO Brick Bank set will be completely transformed when you install this intricate custom handmade light kit with 70 multicolored LEDs! This kit also comes with a white post light for outside!

LED Lighting Kit for LEGO Architecture Trevi Fountain 21020
If you have ever been to Rome, you will know the beauty of the Trevi Fountain at night. You can bring the magic of this architectural landmark into your home when you light up your LEGO Architecture Trevi Fountain set. Our custom handmade light kit includes 40 white and blue LEDs to highlight the interior and exterior architecture of the Palazzo Poli and illuminate the translucent blue bricks of the Trevi Fountain! 

LED Lighting Kit for LEGO Pet Shop 10218
Light up the street in this part of your LEGO town with exterior and interior townhouse and pet shop lights. Your LEGO Pet Shop owners can stay open late into the night and your minifigures can visit the kittens or buy fish food after work when you install this handmade LED kit! Custom multicolored lights in each room will allow you to play with the townhouse and pet shop late into the night!

LED Lighting Kit for LEGO Grand Emporium 10211
Take your minifigures on a shopping spree at the LEGO Grand Emporium at night! Exterior lights and a white post light light the way to this 3-story department store. Each room within the store is illuminated so your minifigs can shop all night long. Even the rooftop billboard has lights! This handcrafted custom light kit has 43 multicolored lights and will make your Grand Emporium the centerpiece of your LEGO city!

LEGO Polybag - Harry Potter - Harry's Journey to Hogwarts set 30407
LEGO Harry Potter - Harry's Journey to Hogwarts set 30407
Includes LEGO Minifigure
Year: 2018
36 Pieces
Ages 6+

Animal Kingdom 12 in 1 Brick Set - 294 Pieces
The animal kingdom is a beautiful and mysterious place where many types of animals live together. It can be dangerous ... other times the birds and animals and reptiles live in harmony.
You can build your very own animal kingdom of 12 different animals with this amazing set!

Minifigure Sticker Sheets
Transform your LEGO® minifigures with these awesome DIE CUT sticker decals.

3 Themes Available:
Modern Military
Rock and Roll Stars
Back to the Future

LED Lighting Kit for LEGO Town Hall 10224
After you install Brick Loot's custom light kit, you can immediately imagine that you are strolling in the town square and admiring the town hall within your own city!
This custom handmade light kit includes 82 brilliant LED lights and a white post light to illuminate the interior rooms and the full exterior of this beautiful three-story LEGO Town Hall building.

LED Lighting Kit for LEGO Architecture The White House 21006
When you install our custom handmade light kit, your LEGO White House model will immediately be transformed! 44 LEDs beautifully illuminate the exterior of our nation's most important home in the light and in the dark. With these lights, your LEGO White House will be the centerpiece of your LEGO Architecture collection.

LED Lighting Kit for LEGO Architecture Arc de Triomphe 21036
Add this light kit to your LEGO Arc de Triomphe set and you can easily imagine that you are in Paris, strolling past the the beautiful Arc de Triomphe at night! Our custom handmade light kit will illuminate the eternal flame, the sculptures within each pillar, and the intricate architectural elements of this famous landmark. 
Turn on the lights and watch how your LEGO Arc de Triomphe transforms at night!

LED Lighting Kit for LEGO Buckingham Palace 21029
You can easily imagine that you are standing outside of Queen Elizabeth II's home at night when you add this beautiful light kit to your LEGO Buckingham Palace set! Handmade LEDs illuminate the interior of the palace, the exterior post lights, the iconic double decker bus, and beautiful Buckingham Fountain. Watch as this model of London's official royal residence comes to life at night with this custom light kit by Brick Loot!

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