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LED Lighting Kit for LEGO Ghostbusters™ Ecto - 1 & 2 (Second Movie Version) 75828
Mayhem needs to watch out! When you add this light kit to your LEGO Ecto-1 car, your Ghostbusters minifigures can speed through the city to capture Mayham at night! This handmade custom kit includes 25 LEDs - including flashing yellow and red lights, bright headlights and interior lights, and colorful taillights. This fun and easy to install LED kit truly creates a total transformation to the Ecto-1!

LED Lighting Kit for LEGO Architecture Arc de Triomphe 21036
Add this light kit to your LEGO Arc de Triomphe set and you can easily imagine that you are in Paris, strolling past the the beautiful Arc de Triomphe at night! Our custom handmade light kit will illuminate the eternal flame, the sculptures within each pillar, and the intricate architectural elements of this famous landmark. 
Turn on the lights and watch how your LEGO Arc de Triomphe transforms at night!

Pirate Bundle
Brick Loot Exclusive Pirate BUNDLE
Ahoy, Me Hearties!
This Pirate bundle is fun to build and is packed with playable features!
Hide out in the building, shoot off your cannon (YES IT REALLY WORKS), or steal the chest of jewels!

Pirate's Cove Brick Set
Custom LEGO Minifigure Pirate
Pirate Treasure Accessory Pack

Exclusive Brick Loot Build Railway Train Station - 100% LEGO bricks
Ding Ding Ding Ding … the bells at the railroad tracks let us know that the train is coming!
Every modern city needs a train station and Brick Loot’s Brickland Railway Train Station is the perfect addition to your city! Your LEGO® minifigs can buy tickets at the automated ticket machine and then select a magazine to read while sitting at the station to wait for the next train.

Includes 8 custom printed LEGO pieces

Brickland Express Train Set
Choo Choo! Here comes the Brickland Express!
Every modern city needs a train!
Brick Loot’s Brickland Railway Express Train set is the perfect addition to your city!

Flying Dragon STEM Building Kit
The flying, fire-breathing dragon will circle the medieval castle, alerting commoners of impending doom. Is he truly there … or just a figment of your imagination? When you complete this build, turn the crank to make the dragon fly and your minifig knights can slay the dragon to protect the kingdom!

Are you looking for the ULTIMATE DEAL on Brick Loot products?
Purchase a Mystery Brick Loot Box and you will get $45 - $75 of products for only $14.99!

Exclusive Brick Loot Build Roller Skate by Tyler Clites – 100% LEGO Bricks
Roller skating at Venice Beach is an amazing experience!

Skate along the beachside path and feel the breeze of the ocean and the wind in your hair.

Designed by Tyler Clites - WINNER of LEGO MASTERS

Metro Police Helicopter
Every LEGO® city needs a police helicopter!
This amazing kit will make sure all your minifigures are safe and protected!

LED Light Kits for your LEGO sets
LED Lighting Kit for LEGO 1989 Batmobile set 76139
Brilliant LEDs will bring the 1989 Classic Batmobile to life! Our light kit has been custom-designed to highlight the intricate details of this LEGO model. Colorful LEDs illuminate the high-tech cockpit, and headlights and taillights of Batman's famous sports car. Undermount lights highlight the features of this car on its rotating display stand.

LED Lighting Kit for LEGO Batmobile Mini - Limited Edition - set 40433
Our LED kit has been custom-designed for the mini Batmobile to light up the engine flames, exterior headlights and taillights, and interior lights. This Limited Edition LEGO set was available in LEGO stores for one week and given free with an in-store purchase of a 1989 LEGO Batmobile, set 76139.

LED Lighting Kit for LEGO Trains 40th Anniversary Set 40370
This LED kit has been created specifically for the LEGO Trains 40th Anniversary set. LEDs light up the headlights and the smokestacks will glow red on this authentic train model! Bright lights also illuminate the cab of the locomotive for your engineer.  
Turn the lights on to bring this authentic LEGO Trains 40th Anniversary set to life ~ your special LEGO model locomotive will be the highlight of your display!

LED Lighting Kit for LEGO Architecture Skyline Collection Shanghai set 21039
Our LEDs highlight the details of the Shanghai Tower, World Financial Center, Radisson Blu Hotel, HSBC Building, and the Oriental Pearl TV Tower. Lights will also illuminate the blue water of the Huangpu River. Enjoy the night view and watch as this model transforms before your eyes! Your LEGO Shanghai Skyline will be a featured showpiece in your LEGO display and will remind you of your visit to this beautiful city in China.

LED Lighting Kit for LEGO Architecture Skyline Collection Las Vegas 21047
The Entertainment Capital of the World is known for beautiful lights, amazing shows, and so much more! 

It is impossible to imagine the Las Vegas Strip without the beautiful lights day or night and the Brick Loot LED Kit was custom designed for this LEGO Architecture set! This light kit beautifully illuminates the iconic “Welcome To Las Vegas” sign, the famous fountains at the Bellagio Hotel, the Luxor and Encore Hotels, the Stratosphere Tower, and the Fremont Street Experience on the Las Vegas Strip. 

LED Lighting Kit for LEGO Architecture Skyline Collection New York 21028
Brilliant LEDs illuminate the Flat Iron Building, Chrysler Building, Empire State Building, One World Trade Center, and the Statue of Liberty. With the lights on, your LEGO model of the Big Apple will transform before your eyes and be a feature model in your LEGO Architecture collection!

LED Lighting Kit for LEGO Architecture Leaning Tower of Pisa Set 21015
Our custom LED kit will light up your LEGO model of the iconic Leaning Tower of Pisa. Brilliant LEDs will fully illuminate the model of the famous freestanding bell tower of the Pisa Cathedral and this model will remind you of your magical evening visit to this beautiful landmark in Italy.

LED Lighting Kit for LEGO Fiat 500 set 10271
Pack up your suitcase for an European adventure! Your Fiat is now ready for a drive through the country day or night!

Your authentic Creator Expert LEGO Fiat 500 model will be completely lit up when you install our custom light kit. LEDs illuminate the classic headlights, tail lights, and the interior of this classic yellow Fiat model. Your compact LEGO Fiat 500 will be the showpiece of your collection!

LED Lighting Kit for LEGO Disney Steamboat Willie set 21317
Light up your nostalgic LEGO Steamboat Willie so Mickey and Minnie can go out on an evening adventure!

With lights that illuminate Captain Mickey's Wheelhouse and the the deck of the S.S. Willie, you can imagine your own adventures or recreate the scenes from the original Mickey Mouse cartoon! LEDs also light up the iconic black and white Mickey sign and will bring your iconic Mickey Mouse 90th anniversary LEGO set to life. 

LED Lighting Kit for LEGO NINJAGO City Docks set 70657
The NINJAGO City Docks is a bustling place at all hours – day and night! When you add our light kit, you can reenact Ninjago adventures and defend against Garmadon at night!

Our light kit was custom-built for the NINJAGO Docks. LEDs light up the Harbor, The Street with Mystake’s tea room and arcade, and the Old World, including Runde & Mystake’s house, sculptor’s workshop, grocery store, and alleyway.
Brilliant lights make this intricate LEGO set come to life for hours of fun - it will be the feature of your collection on display.

LED Lighting kit for LEGO Ninjago City 70620
After you install Brick Loot's handmade custom LED light kit, your LEGO Ninjago City will come to life! With the lights on, your minifigures will be able to shop at the fashion store and the fish market and use the fishing boat to explore the eerie sewer outlet at night! This light kit includes custom color lights for the exterior and each interior room of the city on all three levels! Made from LEGO and non-LEGO elements.

LED Lighting Kit for LEGO Bookshop 10270
The flexible Creator Expert LEGO build will be fully lit up with our easy-to-install exterior and interior lights. With 91 beautiful LEDs, this light kit will fully illuminate the exterior of the bookshop and townhouse and includes a white lamp post light and lights for the beautiful birch tree. Each interior room of the 3-story bookstore and the 2-story townhouse will also be illuminated for hours of hours of realistic imaginative play!

LED Lighting Kit for LEGO Architecture Chicago Skyline set 21033
You can easily imagine that you are on an evening cruise along the shoreline of Lake Michigan, admiring Chicago’s beautiful skyline when you add our custom handmade LED lights to your LEGO Chicago Skyline set!

This light kit beautifully illuminates the Willis Tower, John Hancock Center, Wrigley Building and the Big Red as well as the Chicago River under the DuSable bridge.

LED Lighting Kit for LEGO Stranger Things: The Upside Down set 75810
Our custom light kit will light up every room in the Beyers’ house – the inside and outside of the real world and the Upside Down! The Police Car headlights, taillights, and red/white/blue lights will also be illuminated! You will add hours of fun and creative play when you add this LED kit.

LED Lighting Kit for LEGO Harry Potter Hogwarts Castle 71043
Are you a Harry Potter fan? Explore the LEGO Hogwarts Castle with realistic lights throughout the castle ... the underground Chamber of Secrets is even more eerie with neon green glowing LEDs! The exterior and every room within the iconic LEGO Hogwarts Castle will be illuminated with this custom light kit with 180 LEDs created exclusively by Brick Loot.

Projects for the whole family
BRICK LOOT BOX for only $18.99
Pick your theme and get a box FILLED with awesome items to keep your kids busy. PERFECT for daily learning AND playing fun.
Each box contains 4-6 items based on a theme and may include:

Custom LEGO® kits
LEGO® minifigures
Brick Loot Exclusive Builds, Light Kits, and Accessories
and more!

ONLY $18.99
LEGO Technic Supercar
set 8070
Year: 2011
1281 Pieces


LEGO The Simpsons: The Kwik-E-Mart set 71016
Year: 2015

2160 Pieces
6 Minifigures


LEGO The LEGO Batman Movie: The Ultimate Batmobile set 70917
Year: 2017

1405 Pieces
8 minifigures
Ages 10+


LEGO Brick Bank set 10251
Year: 2016

2360 Pieces
5 Minifigures


LEGO Ideas (CUUSOO): The Big Bang Theory set 21302
LEGO® Ideas (CUUSOO): The Big Bang Theory set 21302
If you are a HUGE fan of the TV Show Big Bang Theory then you will LOVE this amazing set. Includes all your favorite characters.
Year: 2015
456 Pieces
7 minifigures
Ages 12+

XINGBAO Military SA-3 GOA - XB-06004
If you are a military lover the SA-3 GOA set is the perfect set for you. This huge tank will defeat anything in its way with the ability to turn 360 degrees. Beautiful model for display case.

1753 Pieces
XINGBAO set XB-06004
Material: ABS Plastic
Recommended Ages: 13 and up

as low as $78.88
XingBao Castle in the Sky - XB-05001
The Castle in the Sky is the perfect display set to show off your mad buidling skills.

1179 Pieces
Xingbao set XB05001
Material: ABS Plastic
Recommended Ages: 10 and up

as low as $68.88
Wange 5215 Tower Bridge
The Tower Bridge building set is over 11 inches wide and 19 inches high. It will look great on your office shelf as you day dream your in London.

1033 PiecesWange 5215
Material: ABS Plastic
Recommended Ages: 10 and up

as low as $46.99
Architecture series the
Notre-Dame de Paris
Keep the beauty of Notre Dame alive while it undergoes construction.

1380 Pieces
Wange 5210
Material: ABS Plastic
Recommended Ages: 10 and up 

as low as $46.99
Eiffel Tower
One of the most romantic places in the world is the top of the Eiffel Tower. The Eiffel Tower is a wrought-iron lattice tower on the Champ de Mars in Paris.

978 Pieces
Wange 5217
Material: ABS Plastic
Recommended Ages: 10 and up 

as low as $49.99
Build a Mini City with over 15 sets available!
Each Mini City set is fun to build and connect to one another or they can stand alone. They are so fun for hours and hours of play!

Start as low as $7.77 ea
Build an entire Carnival!
8 Different Rides Available

As low as $17.99
Dozens of Polybag Sets Available

As low as $3.99
Robotics Sets
Dino, Fly, Bee Panda
Ready to mix your love of electronics with your love of brick building?

As low as $39.99
1,000 Pack of Bricks
Brick Loot bricks are a great way to build your brick collection!

Need something to build your city on?

Pick from many different size and color options.

as low as $9.99
Titanic Building Set
Check our our new large Titanic ship build! This custom large Titanic brick set will please any history buff! This is a high quality, solid build with 390 pieces. It is durable enough to withstand any iceberg!
The Titanic was one of the largest and most luxurious ships of its time. It had an expansive and ornate first class dining room, 4 elevators, and a swimming pool. The first class accommodations were desired by the rich and the second and third class accommodations were reported to be more comfortable than on other ships.

Brick Loot Exclusive Custom LEGO Set Bundle - Pick 3 - 100% LEGO Bricks
25 to choose from - Pick your favorites!
Every set contains 100% LEGO® bricks and is designed by a famous LEGO® designer!
Brick Loot Exclusive Build Instructions are included in every kit.

Brand New
100% LEGO Elements

That's less than $10 a set!
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