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May Product Updates 2021

Email sent: Jun 11, 2021 11:01am

This month our team has added a large number of updates for store owners. We significantly optimized the blog and also created a widget for comfy navigation through the editor pages. Can't wait to find out more? Read below to check all the updates!

Editing of the cart design

Recently we released the opportunity to edit the appearance of the store home page, category pages, and product page. For now, this setting is also available for the cart. You can add, remove or change the position of any element, rewrite any text, including the name of the cart itself. It is also possible to create a unique style using the settings of both popup and side widget. We hope that this functionality will help you significantly increase your sales and take your online business to the next level.

Recovery of the old template on the store pages

The editor can now recover the default design of all four store pages: home page, category page, product page, and cart. That’s why you don’t have to worry about possible mistakes during the edit. It is always possible to recover the default template and start from scratch.

Product card settings

Updated settings of the “Product card” element

It was pretty challenging to select a specific unit to display in the “Product card” element when you had many products in the store. We decided to fix this issue and added convenient pagination. There is also a field to quickly search for a product by its name and SKU. Thus, you will spend less time setting up your site and paying more attention to the business development.

Product card settings

Deactivation of the product number counters on the pages of the store

It is not always appropriate to indicate the total number of products on the site. Some business owners do not want to share the tiny variety of products with customers. Meanwhile, others may be worried about envious competitors. We have added the opportunity to hide product counters on the store’s home page and category pages for such cases.

Connecting PayPal as a payment method

PayPal payment method integration

PayPal is a payment service, one of the world leaders in the field of online money transfers. And it finally appears on the list of integrations for your store! Once you add this payment method to your website, customers will be more eager to shop, knowing that they can pay conveniently and reliably.

Connecting PayPal as a payment method
Connecting iDEAL to your online store

iDEAL payment method integration

We also do not forget about local payment systems. This month, our team has integrated the iDEAL payment service to expand the possibilities of payment acceptance in European countries. Make the payment process for your customers even easier and faster using a recognizable brand and streamlined service!

Connecting iDEAL to your online store
Navigating between blocks

Navigation system for blocks on the website

One of the core principles of the Weblium platform is usability. That is why we added another update in the editor. It is a widget that expands into a full-fledged navigator panel with a list of all blocks on the current page. By using this tool, you will be able to navigate your site and manage its content more effectively.

Navigating between blocks
Copying pages

Copy pages between your websites

Our team released the new functionality for copying pages between your websites. This update will allow in two clicks to create a copy with the same design and content. Later you can reuse it on other websites of your account. This opportunity will benefit users who create a large number of similar landing pages for themselves or their clients, as now they will do such work much faster.

Copying pages

Pagination on your blog

Great news for content creators! Our team added automatic pagination to the blog page ( Thus, the work of the page itself was several times accelerated. Due to this update, website users will conveniently browse the archives of publications, and search engines will receive one more positive signal about the quality of your resource.

Management of the products number counter in the category

Weblium platform technologies optimize all images by default so that our users' websites load quickly and without delays. But this time, we went even further! Our specialists have increased the efficiency of image optimization on your blog. Thus, its speed increased to incredible limits.

Setting up the preprocessing of fonts

We have good news for the ones who want their websites to load instantly. Now you can choose one of two font processing modes in the editor: before or after page loading. The first option will save the beauty of the fonts but will make the page loading slightly slower. Meanwhile, the second one will increase the speed of the content display due to the default font of the user's system.

New May templates

Architect CV

Medical Tourism

Honey Production

Pet store
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