3 things that change when you step on a Bulletproof Vibe (things you'll feel from head to toe)...

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If you've ever stepped up to the plate and tried the Bulletproof Vibe, it probably didn't feel quite how you expected
After all, when you bend your knees and ease into it, you don't feel 'shaken' in fact, you should be able to maintain a conversation while you're standing on a vibration plate at the proper frequency.
Instead, most people find the sensation downright relaxing making it an amazing way to decompress and take a break away from your desk, or just perk up with a short but intense workout.
And that's just the beginning of what you can experience by making vibration training a part of your daily routine. So if you haven't had an opportunity to test the Vibe for yourself yet, here are just a few of the ways this unique technology can upgrade your biology from head to toe:
1. You'll Get Stronger
The reason the Bulletproof Vibe goes to work so quickly improving muscle tone and strength has to do with physics: since vibration and gravity create more resistance together, your body becomes stronger as a response to increased force.
Its the same reason why athletes use whole body vibration training to hack their natural strength and maximize gains: because it increases the force on your body compared to a conventional workout, you get toned in a fraction of the time.
And unlike ordinary workouts that only stimulate about half of your muscle fibers, the Bulletproof Vibe uses a perfectly calibrated frequency of 30 vibrations per second to engage 95% of your muscle tissue even if youre standing still! Talk about good vibes
"I use it four to six times a week. I use for planks and other isometric exercises with intense burn/contractions. I also just stand on for 10 minutes or so and its very therapeutic. It gives a pleasant feeling after and during standing on it. I've had it for almost a year and I would definitely purchase it again." Tim
2. You'll Balance Your Hormones
Running and heavy lifting can work wonders on your mood and overall health, but they also spike cortisol (a hormone released when youre stressed). Too much cortisol, and youll have a hard time recovering or feeling the full benefits of your workout.
Step on the Bulletproof Vibe, though, and your cortisol will decrease both during and after training making it an excellent tool for muscle recovery and strengthening that wont wear you down.
And its not just beneficial for your adrenal hormones, either: some studies link whole body vibration training to increased testosterone and growth hormone, helping you maximize your gains with minimal time commitment.
"I have found the Bulletproof Vibe to be very effective therapy. I typically feel much calmer after a session of yoga on the Vibe within 10 minutes." John
3. You'll Power Up Your Cells Right Down To Your Mitochondria
A recent German study found that free radicals make the water inside your cells stickier. Translation? Sticky water means your mitochondria have a harder time producing energy.
But by subtly changing the state of the water in your mitochondria, the Vibe works on a microscopic level to make you feel more energized. With an optimized frequency that vibrates you (and your cells) at 30 times per second, the water in your body actually becomes more fluid making it easier for your mitochondria to do their thing.
And while you could get the same results from jumping rope or running on a treadmill, the Vibe takes only minutes to optimize your mitochondria and youll step off the plate feeling refreshed instead of exhausted.
Thats why I always keep one next to my standing desk during the day to hop on for a couple minutes anytime I need a pick-me-up and its also why I make Bulletproof Vibes available at Bulletproof Coffee Shops to give visitors a quick spring in their step as they wait for their coffee.
"I have had the vibe for almost a year now and can't live without it. It energizes me in the morning, enhances my workout, and has improved my circulation." S.
And theres never been a better time to try out the Bulletproof Vibe than right now. Click here to see more about the Vibe:
What People Are Saying About
Their Bulletproof Vibes
"I've had it about 3-4 months. Use 5-6 mornings every week. Usually for 10 minutes. Feels very good in the feet while just standing. The after effects are amazing. It's difficult to describe but you feel very good. It definitely stimulates your nervous system in a positive way. I also use it for working out the leg muscles. Overall, well worth the money (vs. say a treadmill). Feels extremely durable also." Tim
"This is the best thing in my house. I can now touch my toes for the first time in my 40 years and it just gives me an overall good feeling. Clearer head, smoother movements, and better attitude. Even my dog seems to enjoy it from time to time." Pete
"I recently bought a vibe plate and love it! I can do my yoga on it and take it to another level. I use it twice a day and sleep better and feel great!" Antar
"I do seem to get an energy surge after using it. Glad I finally broke down and purchased." Josh
Stay Bulletproof,
Dave Asprey
P.S. Even though the Vibe makes whole-body vibration training more affordable than ever before, its still an investment in your performance. Thats why your new Vibe is covered by Bulletproofs 30-day guarantee plus a lifetime warranty. Click here to make sure you get this months $150 discount to try it out for yourself.

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