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“How do you make the best possible cup of coffee?”
I get asked this question all the time. And the truth is, other than a few brewing hacks, the rest comes down to knowing what science really says about optimizing coffee, and avoiding a few all-too-common myths — including…
Myth #1: The Darker The Roast,
The Higher The Caffeine…
It’s actually the other way around: Dark roasts like The Mentalist and French Kick can have bolder flavors, but they pack a little less of a caffeine punch. So if it's your first java of the day, you may even want to let it steep a bit longer or add a couple extra ounce to your cup to make up for it.
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Myth #2: You're Supposed to Make
Coffee With Boiling Water…
The perfect coffee-brewing temperature is actually somewhere between 195-200°F (boiling water is about 212°F. depending on your altitude). Hitting that just-short-of-boiling sweet spot just takes a bit of patience: After the water boils, let it sit for about one minute before pouring over your grounds to get the most out of the extraction process.
Myth #3: The Best Coffee Is
Always Certified Organic…
The process of becoming certified organic is time-consuming and expensive — which makes it tough for family-run farms to shoulder the cost. Larger coffee producers are able to afford organic certification, but they sometimes also cut corners to generate bigger crop yields, affecting the nutrients in their beans. That's why smaller farms, like the ones we work with, choose to be "passive organic" instead. They get to keep working their land using natural, pesticide-free methods that go back generations before "Certified Organic" stickers existed, and you get more affordable beans — win-win.
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Myth #4: Coffee Triggers Cortisol, Which Causes Stress
Yes, both stress and caffeine can trigger the release of cortisol. The crucial difference is in the dose: High, stress-induced doses inhibit brain function, slow down your metabolism, break down muscle, and spike blood pressure. On the other hand, low doses like the levels released when drinking a cup of morning coffee serve to wake you up and decrease inflammation. In fact, if your cortisol levels get too low, you can feel tired, emotional and anxious. Your body can also build up a healthy tolerance to moderate cortisol… so drinking coffee everyday may actually help temper your cortisol response at the same time.
Myth #5: Drinking Coffee Is A Recipe
For Restless, Sleepless Nights…
This mostly boils down to a timing issue — for example, drinking a cup of coffee and following it up with a 20-minute nap can optimize the rest of your waking hours (click here for more on the science behind "coffee naps")… And if you aren’t a habitual napper (I’m generally not), drinking Bulletproof Coffee in the afternoon* can actually improve your sleep: The grass-fed butter helps increase your bile turnover, which flushes toxins that hurt your sleep, while short-chain fats in Brain Octane oil supply your brain with ketones — which help with nighttime energy (yes, you still need energy while you're sleeping). It's why many of the people I've coached note improvements in their Sleep Cycle scores after trying Bulletproof Coffee.
(*Tip: If you're drinking high-test coffee, the caffeine shouldn't keep you awake if you leave a buffer of 6 hours or so before bedtime. If you're caffeine-sensitive, you can get the same sleep benefits from decaf beans).
Speaking of decaf
Myth #6: Decaf Is Inferior Coffee…
Ok you’re right on this one… or at least you were right. Until recently, only lower-grade 'robusta' beans tended to make their way into decaf coffee. And many decaf processors actually still use the lowest-quality beans, putting the coffee at higher risk of mold-toxin contamination and bitterness. That's why I make sure our decaf coffee beans go through the same exacting Bulletproof Process that avoids fermentation (where mold often comes into play), and uses the more expensive (but well worth it) Swiss Water de-caffeination method to keep quality just as high as the regular roasts.
Myth #7: Vacuum-Packed Coffee Is Fresher…
The only way to vacuum pack coffee is to roast it, then let it sit in the open air for 24-48 hours to 'off-gas' the natural carbon dioxide from the roasting process. Unfortunately, that means 'vacuum-sealed' coffee is usually stale before it even goes in the bag. Instead, we take warm Bulletproof coffee and put it straight into the bag — then flush it with nitrogen and seal it with a one-way valve.
Over time, the coffee will release its natural carbon dioxide and push some of the nitrogen out through the valve. So if a bag of Bulletproof beans feels like it's padded with air, it's actually just the inert nitrogen injected to help maintain peak freshness.
So there you have it — some of my hard-won and science-based tips for making your best possible cup, without letting coffee myths spoil your brew. And again, if you haven't tried Bulletproof coffee beans, don't forget you can save 20% on all 12-ounce bags this month:
Save 20% On All 12-Ounce Bags of
Bulletproof Coffee Beans* This Week With
The Discount Code Coffee20
⇒ Click here to save 20% on your choice of 3 Bulletproof roasts (the lighter ‘Original,’ darker ‘The Mentalist,’ or full-dark ‘French Kick.’)
* Discount code valid for 12-ounce bags only (excludes 3-pack bundles and Kits)
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