Dessert, breakfast, or both? You decide with this Cold Brew-fueled Panna Cotta (plus more tips & deals you may have missed)...

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In Case You Missed It: The Top 5 Bulletproof Tips & Deals This Week
1. Just Add Coffee: Make a Brain-Awakening Cup of Hot Bulletproof Coffee Anywhere With InstaMix
No butter or blender? No problem: Tear open a pack of InstaMix to infuse your brew with quality grass-fed butter and Brain Octane oil anywhere, anytime. Since it dissolves with even just a few shakes in a sealed mug, or stirred in a cup you can easily keep up your Bulletproof ritual when you travel. Or just whip up a quick cup at home when you're in a rush, or don't want to make early-morning noise firing up your blender. Either way, it's a pocket-sized coffee upgrade that's ready to go as soon as your coffee's hot
I spend about 50% of my time traveling, and after attempting to bring a hand blender and butter with me I decided to try this option. It works just fine and tastes great. I bring a 20 oz. stainless coffee mug with me on the road, fill it approximately 60% with coffee, add the InstaMix, cover and shake vigorously. Works great and way less hassle. Doug
2. This Week On Bulletproof Radio
The Healing Power of Oxygen with Dr. Paul Harch
Could putting your air under pressure be the key to unlocking total wellness? Dr. Paul Harch, a pioneer in hyperbaric medicine, joins the show this week to talk about hyperbaric oxygen therapy and how it can heal everything from infections to brain injuries. Listen in for Dr. Harchs take on when to use this revolutionary therapy, how it can change your brain, and why hyperbaric oxygen therapy can hack your health right down to your DNA
The Future Is Now, And It Is Awesome with Jason Silva
How will humans handle a technology takeover? Jason Silva, futurist and TV personality, joins the show to answer our deepest questions on how people and technology will coexist in the future. Listen in for Jasons insights on how to harness authenticity to get more flow in your life, how to fearlessly embrace new technologies, why boring buildings can make you anxious, and more
3. New On The Bulletproof Blog
This Yoga Nidra Routine Will Make You Feel Like You Got a Full Nights Sleep
Need to catch up on a few extra Z's? Try yoga nidra: an ultra-relaxing yoga practice that can mimic the effects of 2 hours of deep sleep. Read the research on why yoga nidra works, and watch our guided yoga nidra video to try it for yourself.
The Science Behind PEMF Therapy And How It Can Fix Your Brain
PEMF stands for Pulsed Electromagnetic Field therapy: a way to directly 'charge' your mitochondria using bursts of low-level electromagnetic radiation. Check out the benefits behind PEMF (including improvements to your sleep, energy levels, and immune function), and how to get your own PEMF treatment even from the comfort of home.
4. Dessert, Breakfast, or Both? Try Cold-Brew Mocha-Coffee Panna Cotta
You decide: This clean and creamy panna cotta is sweet enough for dessert and satisfying enough for breakfast all thanks to the perfect combo of Bulletproof Coffee Cold Brew and Collagelatin. Swap in your own favorite flavors of Cold Brew, or even toppings like whipped coconut cream for a nourishing, sugar-free treat.
1 11-ounce container of Mocha Bulletproof Coffee Cold Brew
1 3/4 tsp Collagelatin Protein powder
1 Tbsp filtered water
Optional: MitoSweet, cinnamon, or vanilla to taste
Optional Toppings: chopped or shaved Chocolate Fuel Bars, whipped coconut cream, or toasted coconut
5. New On Facebook: How To Face
Brain Fog and Stress 'Head On'
Join me live for a quick recap of some of the best nootropics and how to use them to upgrade your brain including how to harness the handpicked ingredients in Zen Mode and Smart Mode to handle everyday stress, sharpen your focus, and more. Check out the video here and join the conversation in the comments.
6. Bonus From the Bulletproof Archives: 11 Ways To Beat Toxic Mold
Mold can lurk in your walls, your body, and your food, triggering effects like brain fog, fatigue, and weakness but you dont have to live with it. Check out these key tips to eliminate toxic mold from your environment.
Have an amazing Weekend!
And Stay Bulletproof,
Dave Asprey

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