Does Melatonin Actually Work For Sleep?

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Here’s how natural supplements can help
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Melatonin For Sleep: Does It Work?
Your sleep being even a little bit off kilter can be rough. Messing with your sleep pattern can be tough. When you can’t get quality rest, it can impact your performance, your mood and your energy levels. Here’s what you need to know about melatonin and if it can actually help you get the rest you need…
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Your Body Doesn’t Always Produce Melatonin
Melatonin is a hormone that’s key to quality sleep, but your body doesn’t always produce it when you hit the hay. This can make for less-than-sound slumber, followed by irritability and drowsiness the next day. There are lots of key factors that play a role when it comes to blocking melatonin from being able to do its job. Stress, unnatural light or a big shift in your sleep schedule, like jet lag or Daylight Savings, can all impact melatonin’s ability to send you off to dreamland. But no worries, there are things you can do to help! Take stress down a peg with Zen Mode, avoid unnatural light before bed (stay off your phone and computer!) and reset your sleep schedule when your routine gets thrown for a loop.
How Does Melatonin Work?
A melatonin supplement can help you wind down and get to a state of restful sleep when your environment isn’t doing its part. Luckily, it’s not hard to supplement with natural non-habit-forming melatonin. Supplements like Sleep Mode, Sleep Collagen Protein and Sleep that utilize melatonin, are sleep support options that don’t call for a prescription. They help when you need to adjust your sleep schedule, when it’s not dark enough outside for your body to make its own melatonin, or when you’re having trouble winding down. Simply put, they can help you get closer to the restful night’s sleep you’ve been dreaming of.
Key Tips For Better Sleep
Supplementing with Zen Mode or other Sleep Support Products can be great, but there are also many other ways to get quality rest. There are things you can do to help set you up for a successful sleep. Add some movement into your day. Whether it’s a walk, yoga, a full-out weightlifting sweat session, work some activity into your schedule. Improve your sleep environment by making it pitch black, not too warm and a screen-free zone! Fuel your sleep with MCT Oils and avoid waking up hungry. Or, give a Sleep Induction Mat a try.
Rest Up
For more on how and why melatonin works visit The Bulletproof Blog. Get sleep on your side, and wake up rested and ready to take on the day.
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