Introducing new Chocolate & Vanilla Collagen Protein powders (just scoop and stir)...

Email sent: Jan 10, 2018 2:36 pm

Is this your brand on Milled? You can claim it.

Shake Things Up With New Chocolate & Vanilla Collagen Protein Powders
Thanks to its unique properties, Collagen Protein powder mixes into both hot and cold liquids with its vital amino acids intact
And that means all you need is the right flavor to transform even a plain tall glass of water into a smoothie with all the building blocks for resilient bones and joints, radiant skin, and even healthier hair.
Of course, you could always use Bulletproof's original unflavored Collagen Protein to custom-engineer your own blend but for those times when you want something that's ready to enjoy with just a few stirs of a spoon?
That's where the brand-new Chocolate and Vanilla Collagen Protein flavors come in blended with delicious Bulletproof-grade vanilla and cacao flavors, plus purified stevia-leaf extract for natural sweetness.
Bonus? These Chocolate and Vanilla Collagen Protein powders also include a hint of coconut creamer that adds delicious extra thickness, making even plain water feel like a milkshake (and you won't even notice any coconut flavor)
Add Chocolate Collagen To Shakes, Or Even Your Morning Coffee
New Chocolate Collagen Protein powder makes an amazing pick-me-up shake, an instant protein-boosted mocha, or even a sleep-fueling bedtime treat (because Collagen Protein is hydrolyzed, it's easy on your stomach and won't disrupt your sleep like other proteins)
Use Vanilla Collagen To Take Your Smoothies & Desserts Up a Notch
Or use Vanilla Collagen Protein powder to add a clean vanilla kick to smoothies (even your favorite 'green' concoctions), enhance your Bulletproof Coffee for a creamy vanilla latte, or boost the deliciousness of keto-friendly desserts!
And Stay Bulletproof,
Dave Asprey

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