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Is this your brand on Milled? You can claim it.

It's hard to beat clean coffee's ability to switch on your brain and keep you alert…
But what about those times when you've already hit your caffeine quota for the day… or you badly need an afternoon "second wind" that won't sabotage your sleep?
That's where Unfair Advantage comes in, boosting your energy and performance through a completely different pathway than caffeine (it's actually not a 'stimulant' at all — which means no crash or jitters, and no lying awake at night, even if you take it in the evening).
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And if you're looking for some inspiration on how to get the most out of this uniquely powerful supplement right from the beginning, keep reading for no less than 7 tips sent in by Bulletproof fans to help you experience its full potential:
Reader Tips: Did You Know That
You Could Use Unfair Advantage To Do This?
To Supercharge Your Communication Skills?
“My verbal fluency is through the roof when I take UNFAIR ADVANTAGE... I sound like a professor.” --Sarah
“I wasn't noticing a measurable difference, until I went a full month without a missed dose. That's when I started using words in casual conversation that I didn't know I knew. The first few times it caught me off guard and I had to look up the words to be sure I had used them correctly. I used to search for words, creating awkward silence at times - Now my speech and cadence have a smooth flow.” --Kat
“While doing homework, I noticed a surge in ability to write without ceasing even though I am tired. This is going to do the trick for all my language classes!” --Christina R.
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To Get A “Second Wind” When It Counts?
“It’s working -- Taking 2 capsules in the morning and no longer falling asleep in the middle of the day. Learning and memory have improved.” --Thomas M.
“It's a great go-to when the afternoon slump hits.” --Joshua
“With a toddler keeping me busy all day long, this gives me an extra boost in the afternoon to get things done at home or at work, too.” --Saskia
⇒ Beat your Afternoon Slump with Unfair Advantage and save 10%
To Boost Your Endurance?
“I'm 71 years old and am a Massage Therapist. My job is physically and mentally demanding and since I've been taking Unfair Advantage I am significantly more calm, focused and have the energy to finish my day strong.” --Marshelle J.
“I'm training for Xterra World Championships and have been training swimming, running, and 12 and 24 hr bike race events.. Doing my multi laps all night long I can feel when I take an unfair advantage shot it helps my focus to get to the finish line.. And to the podium!” --Brian J.
“I can say without question Unfair Advantage delivers. I experimented taking 2 prior to a HIIT workout for a few months and felt great during my workout and post.” --Rodney J.
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To Enhance Focus and Productivity?
“I love this stuff and find myself more energized with the long days building my startup. Must have!” --Dustin
“My husband is a physician who is generally skeptical about supplements. After trying Unfair Advantage, he noticed increased energy, mental focus and stamina. One night, he was called in for a complicated emergency surgery, he took a serving of unfair advantage and was able to work for straight 12 hours with no decline in mental or physical performance. He also noticed improvement in his golf game.” --Maria
“My body craves this when I push myself. I take 2 on super busy days and feel calmer, more grounded and more focused. Plus it tastes great!” --Cathy V.
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To Help Beat Fatigue & Jet Lag When You Travel?
“I take some of these along when I have a long trip in the car. They keep me focused and energized.” --Janny
“I use this product when I fly from the West coast to the East. I don't feel the common jet lag if I take two the day/night before I fly ( I usually take the red eye back to the East coast)” --Mackenzie
“I tried my first shot before a bike ride and my god, the boost of energy! I had wanted to take supplements for coq10, but this is my answer. Bravo!” --Andy
⇒ Stay sharp anywhere you go with Unfair Advantage and save 10%
For A Deep Energy Reserve When It Counts?
“Not only is the energy immediately noticeable (my eyes literally pop more open and I am more alert) but I have a noticeably deep energy reserve for hours. I also have some right before a fitness event and my performance, strength and stamina during the event is again noticeably improved. Thank you!” --W.B.
“This stuff is amazing. Like others have said, I don't use it every day. But when I need it. Shazam! I use it for the brain trust tasks for sure. But it also pulls me through on the physical endurance during skiing. It’s a confidence builder just to know I have some in wait just in case.” --B.Y.
“Amazing! Being parents of a 13-month old, this stuff was the best anniversary gift we could have purchased for ourselves! Energy is a fantastic gift, and this stuff delivers amazingly!” --Jamie
⇒ Know you've always got extra energy in your pocket with Unfair Advantage and save 10%
For A Pick-Me-Up That Won’t Make You Crash…
Or Keep You Lying Awake At Night?
“The best description is 'smooth'. No hyper high or crash afterwards. Much better than energy drinks.” --Edward
“This product is aptly named! Gives you great energy that is "even" and real, without any jitters or crash. Great product!” --Jeff
“I buy this product for both of my boys who take it before their football and baseball games. It really is a game changer for them, they love taking it, and I love that it has no caffeine. One is a college athlete and one is a high school athlete. We don't go without it…” --L.H.
⇒ Get smooth, jitter-free energy with Unfair Advantage and save 10%
⇒ Try Unfair Advantage — and experience the full power of this uniquely powerful energy upgrade for body and mind, from study time to gym time. And save 10% this month only with no coupon code needed.
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