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1. Double Up On Clean Collagen Protein & Save 10% On 2-Packs
Get twice the grass-fed collagen protein to fuel your coffee, smoothies, and favorite recipes and save 10% with no coupon codes needed. Choose from the original unflavored Collagen Protein 2-Pack (designed to blend invisibly and get out of the way) or the new Chocolate and Vanilla Collagen Bundle, ready to mix and go. Either way, you get an automatic discount plus a generous supply of this amazing protein to make sure you don't run out before you know it
This instantly converts my coffee into a vanilla latte or mocha! Tasty without being overly sweet. Terresa T.
I absolutely love this protein! It mixes perfectly in my morning coffee while helping me reach my protein goal for the day. It keeps me feeling full while giving me the energy needed to make it through a hectic morning. I make sure I always have some in the house! Gabbie
Its been a couple days that I've ran out of the collagen protein and I already feel my body craving it. It keeps me strong and controlled. Love it! Daniela
2. This Week On Bulletproof Radio
Innovation And Cryptocurrency With Leemon Baird
CTO and tech genius Leemon Baird joins the show this week to discuss all things math and machines and how you can harness them for innovation. Listen in for Leemons take on how to turn problem solving into a game, what happens when you put a heart in a blender, and what to do when youre stuck in boring meetings
Hacking With Hydrogen With Tyler LeBaron
Hydrogen as medicine is it possible? Tyler LeBaron, founder of the Molecular Hydrogen Institute, demonstrates how this inert gas can have a powerful effect on your biology (including possible therapeutic effects on conditions like Parkinsons and arthritis), and how to get more of it in your life
3. New On The Bulletproof Blog
The Complete Bulletproof Roadmap To Spices & Flavorings
Spices add depth and flavor to food but the wrong varieties can cause brain fog, cravings, and inflammation. Before you cook, study up on the full spectrum of Bulletproof seasonings (and the science behind them) with this guide.
Why Youve Got Seasonal Allergies And Natural Ways To Beat The Symptoms
With the right approach, springtime is nothing to sneeze at: ban stuffy noses, patchy skin, or itchy eyes for good with this guide for avoiding seasonal allergies. Learn about common allergy triggers (hint: its not just pollen), how histamines play a role in setting them off, and medication-free remedies for common symptoms.
4. Recipe: Chocolate-Covered Bacon!
Chewy, chocolatey, and satisfying: this recipe only requires two ingredients to transform bacon into a sweet and satisfying experience. Its the perfect recipe for sharing or keeping all to yourself ;)
4-6 slices of pastured bacon (cut in half depending on the size)
Up to 1/2 of a Chocolate Fuel Bar, melted
Pink Himalayan sea salt, to taste (optional)
5. New On Facebook: 'Hot'
Tips For Pepper Lovers
If youve read The Bulletproof Diet, you know that high concentrations of anti-nutrient lectins make peppers and other nightshades 'suspect' foods and according to a new British Medical Journal report, the hottest ones could even land you in the hospital. Check out my latest Facebook post to learn why your biology determines how you handle peppers, and how to measure your sensitivity.
6. Bonus From the Bulletproof Archives: Why Yogurt
Makes You Foggy
Even though it's considered a 'health food,' yogurt may do more harm than good thanks to histamine-producing bacteria that throw your gut biome off balance and trigger brain fog. This blog post breaks down the sour science behind yogurt and probiotics plus better alternatives for feeding a healthy gut.
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