CMO Today: AT&T Loses '5G Evolution' Dispute

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“5G Evolution” Comes to Its End; Parents Finally Understand What Kids Really Want to Watch

By Nat Ives



Good morning. AT&T will stop marketing its network as “5G Evolution” and “5G Evolution, The First Step to 5G” after losing an appeal with the ad industry’s self-regulatory system—with one big caveat.

AT&T was trying to reverse a decision by the National Advertising Division in favor of a challenge lodged by T-Mobile. But the National Advertising Review Board endorsed the earlier finding against AT&T.


Alt text
Embed Trust Into COVID-19 Recovery Strategy
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“The NARB panel determined that both claims will mislead reasonable consumers into believing that AT&T is offering a 5G network and recommended that the claims be discontinued,” the board said. “At NAD and on appeal, it was not disputed that the AT&T network is not a 5G network.”

AT&T disagrees with the reasoning but will comply with the ruling, a spokesman said.

One key element of the 5G branding seems like it will survive, however: Asked whether AT&T will keep showing “5GE” icons on customers’ phones, the spokesman told me the decision only applies to its ads.


The Magic Number


E-commerce growth at Target in the quarter through May 2


Forget ‘Frozen.’ Kids Did.

A scene from ‘Unspeakable,’ a YouTube channel that features goofball personalities engaging in stunts like filling a house with sand and playing in it. PHOTO: UNSPEAKABLE MEDIA

Children are loading their extra hours of quarantine screen time with entertainment that makes “Trolls World Tour” feel like a TED Talk.

Third-grader Joey Basso has hundreds of viewing options on Disney+, Netflix and Amazon Prime, for example, but really likes to watch “Unspeakable,” a loud YouTube personality with goofball tastes whose stunts include destroying new electronics, the Journal’s Ellen Gamerman reports.

“We create shows that kids are interested in, not what their parents are interested in,” said Reed Duchscher, founder of Night Media, a Dallas-based talent management company that represents Unspeakable and other YouTube stars.

Hunter Parsons, a father of two in Golden, Colo., is surprised by his 5-year-old daughter’s fascination with “A is for Adley,” a low-plot YouTube series about a redheaded girl who enjoys activities like petting horses.

“She can’t read,” he said of his daughter, “but she knows what ‘Skip Ad’ is.”



“We were surprised not to see more of a correlation with Covid-specific messaging.”

— Tara Walpert Levy, VP of agency and media solutions at Google and YouTube, on the coronavirus-themed advertising that didn’t come to YouTube. Eighty percent of ads on YouTube in April weren’t related to Covid-19, she said.

Best of the Rest

Ezra Miller, Ben Affleck and Gal Gadot in “Justice League.” PHOTO: WARNER BROS. ENTERTAINMENT/AP

Prodded by disgruntled fans who didn’t like the “Justice League” they saw in theaters, HBO Max will release the movie’s “Snyder Cut.” [THR]

Digital-media company Team Whistle acquired the marketing firm Tiny Horse, partly to capture more business from video streaming services. [WSJ]

Millennials under lockdown are bringing back products they previously “killed.” [Ad Age

The top presidential candidates’ campaign spending plummeted last month, largely from reductions in expenses such as event production. [WSJ

Hulu redesigned its sometimes-criticized user interface. [Adweek

Apple’s new iOS update makes coronavirus life 1% less annoying for iPhone owners. Maybe half a percent. [WSJ

Contact-tracing apps have a challenge beyond privacy concerns: creating user experiences that will keep people using them. [WSJ

Facebook will start letting employees back in the office in July, using temperature checks and a 25% occupancy limit. [Bloomberg

Omnicom’s plan to reopen offices won’t allow full occupancy until social distancing is completely over. [Campaign

Trend watch: People are walking around drinking. [NYT

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