CMO Today: Bloomberg x Jerry Media

Email sent: Feb 13, 2020 7:10 am

Is this your brand on Milled? You can claim it.

Plus: KFC x Crocs

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Bloomberg Hires the Jerry Media Guys to Make Him a Meme; KFC Helps Crocs Get Uglier and People Love It

By Nat Ives


Juul marketing imagery cited in a new lawsuit by Massachusetts. PHOTO: COMMONWEALTH OF MASSACHUSETTS

A new lawsuit claims that Juul bought ads on websites popular with teens and even young children in its early days.

The ads ran on sites from Nickelodeon, the Cartoon Network and Seventeen magazine, the Massachusetts attorney general alleges in the suit, which was reported yesterday by the New York Times. Also, allegedly:,,,, and The Times said Juul declined to comment on the suit’s claims.


Alt text
Ecosystems a Catalyst for Collaboration, Growth
Enterprises and startup innovators may miss opportunities for fruitful collaboration because it can be difficult to convene the right parties and bridge cultural divides in an ever-widening business landscape. Forming untraditional partnerships within this expanding ecosystem, however, can reward all parties with new opportunities for innovation and business growth. Read More »

KFC Crocs

Artist MLMA wears Kentucky Fried Chicken X Crocs Bucket Clogs in New York. PHOTO: KFC/CROCS

Emboldened after riding ugly shoes to new heights of popularity, Crocs is sticking chicken-scented drumstick charms on its latest clogs, a crossover with KFC that also features the chain’s red-and-white chicken-bucket stripes.

The companies say you can buy some for $59.99. Apparently people will.

“I have prided myself on my ability to never shill or fall for a brand's stupid shticky wares,” Bettina Makalintal writes for Vice. “But now I have finally been beaten down. And the stunt that has broken the self-righteous camel's back? The Kentucky Fried Chicken x Crocs collab, which I regret to report is actually fire.”


Meme Me


Mike Bloomberg is shelling out to make himself a meme.

His presidential campaign has hired Meme 2020, a company whose lead strategist is also Jerry Media CEO Mick Purzycki, the New York Times reports.

Jerry Media, you’ll remember, was called out last year by a lot of people for building its social following by reposting others’ content without credit. It said it would do better

In any event, the 14.9 million Instagram followers for Jerry Media’s main account were served paid content for Mr. Bloomberg yesterday. The ad is styled like a DM from the candidate asking for help looking cool.

“Ooof that will cost like a billion dollars,” Jerry Media replies.

“What’s your Venmo?” Mr. Bloomberg says.


After Tracking

Megan Pagliuca, chief media and data officer for Hearts & Science. PHOTO: PHOTO: KRISTINA VARAKSINA

As tougher data privacy laws and a shift away from cookies force marketers to rethink how they target consumers online, industry players are stepping in to offer their services. 

This week the IAB introduced Project Rearc, an effort to find a new way to power digital advertising.

Yesterday Omnicom media agency Hearts & Science said it is expanding the efforts of a division to help clients find their way forward, Sahil Patel reports for CMO Today.

“What is happening now and in the next two years is so much more radical than what happened in the last 12 years,” said Megan Pagliuca, chief media and data officer for Hearts & Science.

The unit, called the Hearts & Science Mar-Tech Integrator Group, includes 27 martech pros with certifications in areas such as customer data platforms, consent management tools and mobile attribution.



“What makes this seem secure, whether or not it actually is?”

— Mark Zuckerberg in a journal he handwrote early in the formation of Facebook. Wired’s Steven Levy got his hands on a few surviving pages

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