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Improve Sleep and Boost Immunity with Exclusive Product
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Awesome microbead pillow being showered in confetti

Midnight Magic Sleep Mask As Important as Your Mattress!

Feeling sluggish throughout the day? Did you know sleep is a vital component of your body's immunity health? Individuals sleeping less than 7 hours/night are 3x more likely to become infected by rhinovirus (common cold). Prevent on-going fatigue and other ailments by improving your sleep with the Midnight Magic Sleep Mask which guarantees total blackout. Start your day with a better night's sleep!

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Protect Yourself On-the-Go with 25% OffΒ Savings!

More than 70% of rhinovirus transmission occurs by hand-to-hand contact. Only Sanitizer To Go features a convenient metal carabiner clip to keep sanitization at your fingertips without reaching into pockets or purses which causes dangerous cross-contamination! Sold in a handy 10-pack to ensure you have effective sanitizers wherever you need! For a limited time, Sanitizer To Go is 25% off. Get yours today!

Shop Cabeau  Tape 50% Off


(rhymes with "dojo" as in "I really love using my Evolution S3 pillow after fighting off ninjas at the dojo!")

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