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BREAKING: Clinical proof that our CBD is fast acting.

Email sent: Feb 25, 2021 10:00am
đź•‘ 10 minutes fast!
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At Caliper, we formulate our CBD to be exceptionally well absorbed—and a just-released study confirms it!

In landmark Colorado State University research conducted in human subjects, Caliper CBD started absorbing within just 10 minutes. What’s more, within 30 minutes, Caliper had more than 30 times more absorption compared with CBD oil. 
That means when you choose Caliper, there's no guessing. You can count on absorbing the benefits better, every time!
Learn more about the study here. 

Caliper easily absorbs into your daily wellness routine, too. Just mix flavorless Caliper CBD into anything you’re eating or drinking, or sprinkle yummy Caliper Swiftsticks directly onto your tongue whenever you want wellness on the go.  

And, when you choose the convenient subscription option, you’ll keep those benefits coming consistently!


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