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Summer Hair Colors You Don't Want to Miss!

It’s almost that time for new hair color! Every summer we run through Pinterest, Tumblr and Google image search looking for that summer color we want. Whether you are natural or relaxed, you can do color safely with a licensed colorist.  Check out some hot colors for this summer:
Keeping Your Hair Frizz-Free During The Summer

Frizz is mostly caused by humidity in the air, and usually has a strong effect during the summer. Humidity refers to the amount of moisture present in the air, and it can swell up the hair, cause flyaways, and turn the most defined twist out into a big pouf in just a matter of minutes.

Healthy Hair Regimen for Summertime Growth

It’s not that your hair doesn’t grow in the winter. The reason the summer is known as a time to grow your hair is because the humidity allows for less breakage and more moisture retention. The winter makes your hair more brittle and dry, requiring more frequent trimming and conditioning.   Here are some hair summer tips to help maximize growth and get your hair and scalp to optimal health.

Using Weaves as Method of Protective Styling

Today’s weave wearer uses it as an accessory AND a means to protect their hair. Protective hairstyles are wonderful ways to keep your hair covered for an extended period of time.


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