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How to Address Uneven Skin! 

Let's face it, for many women of color, when a pimple pops up, it's presence will be felt far longer on the face due to hyperpigmentation and scarring. Patience is key when it comes to healing, as well as finding a system that works for you to prevent breakouts.

The key words to addressing scarring on your skin are prevention and protection. It's important to take the steps necessary to prevent future breakouts so that scarring does not occur. Check out tips here!


DIY Facial Cleanser, Deep Treatment & Moisturizer in One! 

I kept hearing about honey as a facial cleanser, deep treatment and moisturizer all in one. I was aware of it having antibacterial properties because of my usage on wounds and infections. I also know it to be extremely moisturizing from using it with oatmeal as a facial mask and with avocado, bananas and olive oil as a scalp/hair treatment.


The Benefits of a Good Skincare Regimen      

While I’m always super busy in life, the one thing I can honestly say I always make time for is my skincare regimen. With that said, I know that it can be kind of difficult to navigate your way through the sometimes confusing world of skincare, but if you can start with the basics, it’s easy to build from there. 


5 Moisturizing Oil for Affordable Winter Skincare  

This was the first time I’d heard of the oil cleansing method and the first time it dawned on me that an oil could actually be extremely moisturizing on its own. Now that I have, my skin health has never looked better. Here are 5 of my favorite natural and moisturizing oils for healthy, beautiful skin.

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