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Read These Curly Tips for Every Hair Texture

Email sent: Sep 4, 2013 3:04 pm

Wash N' Go Tips For All Hair Textures

Wash n' gos are quick and easy styles and a great way to show off your natural texture. The most important thing to keep in mind is that the result of your wash n' go depends on how tight or loose your natural curl pattern is when your hair is wet. It's key to understand that the product you use will not change your natural curl pattern. Read here for great tips on how to achieve your hairs best curls.


How Transitioners Can Keep Their Sanity

Transitioning isn't for sissies! Unless you plan on big chopping with only .05 inches of hair you must be fully prepared for this journey. One must know the hairstyles to steer clear from to avoid looking a hot mess as well as the products to throw away. There are also hair practices that will no longer work at certain points in your journey. When that new growth rears its head it's a new ball game baby!


A Little Texture, No Kink?

To many folks' surprise, there are many naturals out there who don't naturally have textured or kinky hair. Imagine waiting months and months in hopes of a big, textured 'fro and your hair comes out kink-less. Can you say bummer! But the most vital aspect of going natural is accepting your natural hair texture for what it is.


Pre-Workout Hair Tips That Work

All women who workout on a consistent basis 3 or more times a week, regardless of texture and race, struggle with the question:what to do with my hair?? Here are some minor solutions to help extend your style and prep to look good post workout. Warning, if you are wearing lipstick to the gym, this post is not for you. The goal here is to look good after you work out not during.


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