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Why Are We So Afraid to Cut Our Hair, and More....all on Transitioning Movement

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My Personal Attachment to My Hair and Why I'm Afraid to Cut It
My hair and I, we've been through a lot together. When I was a young girl, I discovered that I could get attention with my hair. Good attention, bad attention - it didn't matter. People always had something to say about it and those comments ultimately shaped my self-perception in ways that I wouldn’t realize until later in life.


Tips for Spring Break Hair

So you’ve packed your bags and are just about ready to leave the cold, gray weather behind.  It’s only a quick spring getaway, so you don’t want to check a bag, and Lord knows the hotel-size conditioner can barely coat your ends on day one. No need to stress. Here are some tips to get your tresses from winter to summer without over-packing or damaging all the great work you have done to care for your hair this winter.


4 DIY Tricks for Workout Scalp

Here are 3 DIY beauty tricks I’ve been putting to the test to avoid washing my hair after every gym session. Hopefully they will work for you, too!

Here are four soul food swaps that will get you preparing your favorite soul food dishes in ways that are healthier, and don’t compromise flavor!


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