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Gray Matters: My Thoughts on Graying at An Early Age

I've been graying for a few years now. The first time I saw a couple of grays in my mustache, I actually thought it was the light reflecting off of a couple of strands. "Oh. That's weird" I thought to myself, so I grabbed a towel and scrubbed it dry, but those white strands were still there - screaming at me. All of a sudden it hits me. "Oh, Hail no! I know that ain't no…no… gray hairs." At that point I realized that I was no longer the cool guy I was in college, and I could no longer dodge the fact that I was getting older.


Hairstory: My Natural Hair Salon Visit

I am a regular dude,real Clark Kent-like. Low key. Low maintenance. Like any other dude, whether they admit it or not, I do like to be pampered on occasion. Sometimes, I even treat myself to a haircut! But, I don't have a regular barber because I had locs for over 10 years.


Should We Really Care What Men Think About Our Hair?

I think some women give away too much of their power by letting their man dictate how they style their hair. If you like to rock your hair a certain way because you just love it and it makes you feel good, why should your man really convince you otherwise? Why should he really have a say? And even more importantly, why do you care so much about what he thinks?


Why Fathers Have the Right to Give Their Sons Jacked Up Haircuts

"I can't explain it, but as soon as you pop him out and the doctor says, "it's a boy!" we're already looking at his bald little head, counting down the days until we can take some Wahl clippers to his head. Of course, as a mom you'll more than likely protest, but trust me, as soon as you hit the club with your girlfriends for that "break" you needed, your husband is gearing up to vandalize your baby boy's hairline."


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