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Why are the FODMAP Levels in Coconuts so Variable?

Email sent: Jun 29, 2020 12:01pm

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Here’s why we think the FODMAP content is so variable
From @fodmapfriendlyfoodprogram:
This is a great question. Coconut/coconut containing products can be a head-scratcher for fodmappers, and for dietitians too! Here’s why we think the FODMAP content is so variable across different forms of coconut:⠀

No product is the same - Coconut is an extremely versatile fruit! It can be eaten fresh, or made into coconut milk, water, cream, ice cream, sugar, flakes, oil, flour, yoghurt or powder (to name a few)! So while fresh coconut flesh may have elevated sorbitol, as it changes into these other forms, the FODMAPs will change with it.⠀

Different food processes affect FODMAPs differently - We know that food processing can have a huge impact on the FODMAP content. Whether it’s processed with water, extracted, dried, ground or added to other ingredients, will impact the FODMAP content of coconut. On top of that, each manufacturer who creates these coconut products will have different manufacturing processes. This will mean there will be differences in the FODMAP content too.⠀

Natural variation – Have you ever eaten coconut flesh of a young coconut and found It to be soft and sweet? Whereas a mature coconut is hard and crunchy? There is a huge variability between coconuts grown in different places, types and it’s time of harvest. This will impact the FODMAP levels in the coconut’s end product.⠀

FODMAP is a new science - The low FODMAP diet is still an extremely new science, and we are yet to discover what other food processes can impact the FODMAP content of food. So while institutions like ourselves are still conducting FODMAP testing and sharing data of the FODMAPs found in the product, there is still lots to discover about how the FODMAPs got there or why they have been reduced.⠀

Hopefully this answer helped clarify why there are such variations in FODMAP levels for coconuts. These reasons can also be applied to other variable data too! As we continue to discover more about FODMAPs in foods, we’ll be able to have a better understanding of exactly how FODMAPs exist in foods. FF DT x⠀
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