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Featured RDA you can't pronounce and $80 off a mod

Email sent: Jul 31, 2020 7:40am

Is this your brand on Milled? You can claim it.

Plus, find out how to infuse bass into juice
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15% off Wotofo Profile 1.5 Mesh RDA
Good morning friends. It's Friday and I am kicking off early today. I hope you all have the same plans.

So, I have no idea how to pronounce this RDA. I mean, yah, it's 5:00 in the flippin morning and I have had a few sips of coffee, but I tried. Sounded like I was sneezing or having a stroke. I mean I tried to say it and the dog looked at me funny. Now, that's a normal thing, but I sensed that he was really confused.

I mean, when a customer like you walk into our store, what are you going to say?

"Hey, I need the woootooofoogsooo RDA?"

I think not, but I may need to review the security tapes and see how it goes. How about this. If you go into the store to order this, just tell the team than you want the RDA special that the email newsletter guy couldn't pronounce.

May the force be with you.
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20% off Excision Juice
How do you infuse juice with Bass? I mean it can't be musical bass, it's got to be fish right?

So this is a bass infused juice. They went out to the lake and caught some big ol' bass and used it to infuse flavors? I don't know folks. I mean, I have made some amazing bass and sea bass recipes in my life (some here) infused with garlic and other spices into fish, but I don't know that I have gone the other way.

Maybe I am wrong. I mean, I could be. It sounds disgusting, so possibly they mean they infused it with musical bass, which I don't really understand either. Do they have a big room with all the juice and play Baby Got Back or "Papercut" by Linkin Park?

Either way, this may be the most interesting juice we're featured. If nothing else, you should get some and see if after vaping it, you either taste the fish or change the settings on your radio to have more bass.
20% OFF
Use promocode "BASS" during checkout!
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Coil Master Ceramic Coil JIg Kit
Thank goodness I read the description. I had no idea what these were. Looked like something an evil scientist would attach to body parts.

The Ceramic Coil Jig Kit by Coil Master is a great tool to use when building your own coils! The Kit makes it easier to be exact with the inner diameter of your coils while at the same time making it leagues easier to actually wrap them! 
Sigelei Snow Wolf Vfeng 230W TC Mod
These mods are FLIPPIN HUGE! I mean they could hurt someone or be used as a block on the boat tires. So, if you're into mods that make people say "Is that a big fat mod in your pocket or are you just happy to see me", this is the one.

Regularly priced at $140, now they're only $60. You safe $80.
Your moment of Zen
Feature Heading
Well friends, you've reached the end of the email. Congrats for hanging in there. Sometimes I do wonder what you think by the time you get here.

I've been playing beach videos on the monitors in my office lately. Probably cause I was supposed to be on a beach this summer.

So, our moment of zen is one I have been playing.

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