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Who knew Earth Day could be so… romantic? Who knew Earth Day could be so… romantic?

Peanut butter and chocolate. Batman and Robin. Macaroni and cheese. 

What do these iconic duos all have in common? They’re always better together. 


This Earth Day, we’re celebrating another match made in (sustainability) heaven: trees and clean water. 

You probably already know that trees create and clean the oxygen we breathe. Forests are essentially giant, stunning air filters. But trees also play a critical role in purifying and protecting water sources. Trees’ roots provide essential stability for the earth beneath our feet. When trees are uprooted or cut down, there’s an increase in erosion… and an inevitable decrease in the quantity and purity of groundwater. 


When forests thrive, so do water projects. Reforestation—the intentional replanting of young trees or seedlings—supports the longevity of groundwater, keeping water flowing in communities for generations to come.


And nobody understands this better than our local partners. 

In Kenya, they’re nursing watersheds back to health.


German aid organization and local partner Welthungerhilfe (WHH) serves the residents of the Makueni region, around 70% of whom are drinking dirty water. The hills are made up of young volcanoes, so the rich soil is ideal for farming and features relatively healthy water catchments. (Catchments are areas where rain or spring water naturally flows, like streams, rivers, or lakes.) However, a lack of forest cover has threatened the water quantity of aquifers, raising concerns about the long-term availability of groundwater throughout the region.


In 2021, WHH faced this problem head-on with their goal to plant 10,000 trees and establish 10 tree nurseries (primarily around family farms and communal sites like schools). They’ve mobilized the local community to engage in mass tree-planting events, successfully supporting watershed health around waterpoints.

When you give, communities grow


The story above is just one example of the innovative solutions our local partners are employing to bring clean water to people in need while prioritizing conservation. When you give to clean water, know that you’re funding sustainable water projects in 21 countries around the world. You’re investing in the environmental well-being of communities long after Earth Day ends. You help ensure that children are healthier, businesses thrive, and water keeps flowing for decades to come: that’s sustainability in action.


The fight to end the water crisis—or even just steward our environment with greater care—can feel like an uphill battle. But your support and the ingenuity of our local partners show courage in the face of seemingly insurmountable odds. Thank you.

— your friends at charity: water

PO Box 5026, Hagerstown, MD 21741-5026

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