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Good News: The odds are in our favor

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14 million more people have access to clean water 14 million more people have access to clean water

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785 Million 771 Million


Recently, a collaboration of global humanitarian organizations reassessed the number of people still living without clean and safe drinking water. We are happy to report that an additional 14 million people have access to clean water since we last reported their findings in 2020. This brings the tally from 785 million to 771 million. 


It can be hard to even imagine 771 million people—that’s more than the entire population of Europe! The number of people living without one of their basic human rights should move us to greater action. There’s still plenty of work to be done, and charity: water is in the fight to end the water crisis for the long-haul. 


But this update still gives us a reason to celebrate . . . and to hope.

In only two years, an estimated 14 million more people have had their lives changed by access to clean water. That’s 14 million lives made richer—finally equipped with the health, income opportunity, and time they deserve.

We’re closer than ever to a world where every person is drinking clean water.


When you give to clean water, you’re not giving to a statistic, or an abstract problem facing people halfway around the world. You’re saying you believe in a more equitable future, especially when we work together for the common good. You’re choosing to sacrifice for people you may never meet, but whose lives will be positively impacted by your kindness.


Thank you for helping charity: water raise enough to fund clean water for a cumulative 15 million people since our founding in 2006. Together with the global community, we believe we can end the water crisis for the remaining 771 million.


A letter from Sean Poole


Hi -,


A few months ago I visited a new charity: water partner in Turkana, a region in northern Kenya that is considered to be the birthplace of the human race. While steeped in history, this region is devoid of many of the common features of modern technological progress. Few roads are paved, mobile phone service is limited, and many communities are totally reliant on the natural environment to survive. In some of the oldest communities on earth, people continue to provide for their families by keeping livestock alive in punishing heat and dry, arid conditions. Shifting climate patterns have made that challenging struggle in Turkana even tougher. 


I've reflected on that trip often over the past few months, thinking of the powerful idealism of a global community that is returning to Turkana, where humans first stood up, to ensure that every human being has access to clean and safe drinking water. 


Because of the generosity of donors like you, charity: water has been able to expand its partnerships and the regions that it is working in. This generosity will save and improve lives in places like Turkana and across the 22 countries that charity: water donors fund projects in. 


I look forward to returning to Turkana over the next several years and seeing the transformative impact that clean water has had on communities there. 


Take care.


Sean Poole

Head of Programs



Thank you for choosing to believe in a future where everyone has access to clean water. The best is yet to come.

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